13 Types of Massage Techniques-Unlock the Healing Powers 

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Do you believe that massage can unlock the healing powers? 

 Massage therapy is known throughout centuries around the world. People were doing that for many reasons to relax muscles, or to relieve stress in the body. It was known from our parents, friends, or health care providers how beneficial it can be.13 Types of Massage Techniques to Unlock the Healing Powers   

 The Most Common Chronic Pain

The massage therapy isn’t for everyone it depends on health conditions that you have and on age some may have sore muscles and skin to touch and sensitivity, or allergies for example elderly person. 

What massage can do for the body?

Reduce muscle tension

Increased mobility

Relief inflammation in your body

Increase blood flow

Relief of pain and swelling for skin

Stimulated, or calming the nervous system

What are Fatigue Syndrome and Exhaustion? 

The one the oldest message in the world we know the Swedish massage. Overtime has become known in almost every country in the world. The Swedish massage is a good technique to do every time for a person. The message includes five basic strokes for a body 


Petrissage, a technique grabs with fingers and lift the muscles from the skin 

Friction is a method using thumbs, or fingertips to work with deep tissues 

Effleurage technique with fingers doing circles on the body it improves person blood circulation 

Tapotement which is tapping, beating and stroking the body 

Vibration pressing with fingers on the muscle shaking it helps stimulate the nervous system 

There are different types of massage therapies 

Hellerwork massages that help improve the mental and physical movement in the body 

Rolfing massage helps improve the body posture 

Aston patterning is another similar method as and Rolfing technique used for posture. The purpose is to help to improve the body physical posture education 

The Feldenkrais method teaches individuals who seek a range of motion technique improvement 

Trager technique releases the body tension the way they move and hold their body, also helps unleash the good energy by removing the stress 

Neurological message focus on reducing muscle pain from pressing the nerve, or tissues caused by injuries. This massage also can reduce headaches.  

Headaches and Migraines 

Deep tissue massage lies far below you the surface of the body. This massage focus for fixing deep down chronic tissues. The therapist will use fingers, thumps and even elbows for this technique. 

Does massage therapy helps ? 

Sports massage helps you feel stronger and healthier in the whole body. This method like Swedish massage and deep tissue massage all together combined. Usually, a lot of Fitness people like to do. Why most massage is focused on rubbing, stroking and swirling others can do many techniques. Most therapist from China, India like technique’s shiatsu and reflexology. They believe that can unlock the healing powers. We know from our health care providers and doctors how can be good for human body physical activity. The most common what we do are sports massage, deep tissue, neurological. 

But also, not everyone can know how beneficial massage can be for you. Us from my experience I did have all these messages in my past almost all them. I learn that sports massage helps me feel so good and healthy. I felt so happy and my energy levels have been increased 

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Who should avoid doing massages?  

If you have some heart disease or some circulations blood problems, Infections, or some injuries. High blood pressure skin diseases, or some sore skin. Of course, the best you want to consult with the doctor about what is the change doing massage. There is a possibility that could worsen health. Also, I have to warn you that after ten sessions of my massage you can experience bad, or even sore in the first couple of days. Sometimes even you can be weak for a while. You have to understand one thing that after a massage body feels tired and withdrawn at first. You want to know why because the message to help improve circulation in the body. 

          The Best Essential Oils Kit 

Before the body was like sleeping and if you were never done a physical activity you may feel worse it almost the same as you did you exercise. You should not worry too much since it will improve later and you feel again like brand new. The energy levels lift up and the body muscle might feel a little sore at first. 

 Our doctors recommend doing massage at least once a year, or twice. Some people like to do more sessions. The people who doings sport like to do more than twice a month. But is not necessary to do so many messages for you If you are healthy and active. The massage needs for people who are less active and having some health issues. 

There is another thing you can do self-massage. It is actually a simple technique that we all know and does a favor for our loved ones. Did you know how you can do for rubbing wife’s back, or husband? Doesn’t matter to whom it helps reduce the stress and tension, or pain then go ahead. Keep in mind that setting you room with some kindle and smooth with nice like ocean waves calm music help even better feel for you. A nice cozy blanket and quite a room are important. Also, you can use some oils for the skin like vegetable oils, or some other oils for massage, if you prefer. 

  Who can do massage? 

 If you feel healthy enough and you did it before definitely can-do massage even every day that how much is benefits. Massages though are very costly choose what you can afford. 

 Overall, the massages may improve body productivity and increase hormone levels like serotonin levels in the brain that can feel better to improve mood too. In most cases, massage is considered a natural and healing remedy for the body. That all matter in our life every day to continue to heal staying healthy and happy. 

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