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Welcome to my page

From a young age, I liked to explore nature, natural remedies and learn how to help ourselves to heal naturally. Moreover, living in a beautiful village with animals having rich plants in the yard. I learn from my childhood many tricks. How to take care of animals, and helping the elderly was as a priority.

Through life, we have a tendency to know new things in life as we grow older. As we walk through our lives we more deeply pay attention to nature, more calming music.

Why not stop and just listen to birds singing a lovely song, or go take a walk by the shore to the sea. We all manage and explore our life journeys.
That why I have a passion for a healthy lifestyle and natural food. I just love helping people and decided to share my valuables lessons what I learn and by changing someone’s life is a huge deal for me

Back up a little story about me

I born in Europe country of Lithuania. I can speak several languages. Also, helps me with communicating for other people. I work almost over 25+ years as an RN in my country and here too. I come to the USA 15 years ago. Also, I had the business of my own. It helped shape my understanding of a lot of things.

Travel the world but I think it is not enough. Have been living in England over a year. Travel to Germany with my singing group has been a singer for over 8 years, I still, want to explore more countries. Eager to learn new things in life that could bring more new opportunities in life. I have so much passion in life for music, photography, nature.

Growing in my country my parents thought me great lessons for life. We always love organic food, my parents were farmers. We grow in our garden everything including fruits, vegetables. We won’t buy food from the store we were always eating our own food

That why I love so much to eat organic food. Taking care of myself and other people be my goal in life. Hoping to find a new passion for the business of my own and share my good experience with the world.

Like very much the quote ” Love your brother or a friend as you love yourself” Looking forward to Freedom of my choice and for others. Welcome always my doors are open for you my friend. God bless good people on this earth

Thank you for visiting my profile

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