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        ## How I get started with Internet Marketing

My name is Nijole De Bartolo back to the 2007 year I was looking for a great opportunity solution to how to change my life I was struggling, walking long years and working hard for people as RN and Health Care Provider throughout my lifetime. I was looking for great opportunities, how to do better in life. How to create my own business and a website to learn how to do designs and videos that I have a passion for. Even I had great skills for speech and making videos on my own, but when you want to implement everything professionally takes a lot of work.

As I learn from these friendly guys marketers who were doing this business for long years they work for 14 years to build their brand from scratch some owners at Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founder did Kyle and Carson from Canada. They rank today like the best Wealthy Affiliate Platform University Online. They do have such a good team of coworkers such as Jay Neill magi studios webinars and others. I do appreciate the great opportunity that they thought me.

Kyle & Carson

Founders of Wealthy Affiliate


Some other marketers maybe make a shorter time depends on from a lot of circumstances, if you start from a young age it’s easier. I did understand that only me who can change my life to step out of your comfort zone when you say something, I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to do something different, that makes me happy. Learning new skills always is good even you fail all over again did not stop me to achieve my goals. Also, if I can help somebody and encourage to live the life of your dreams.

From Hobby to a profession

I was searching around probably for eight years, until I discovered the platform on how to do Internet Marketing online. I paid so many fees before which never work of too high fees from other platforms it doesn’t suit my interest and my needs. It took so much time and effort to find something like this like the Wealthy Affiliate platform which I liked from the first day because it was at least affordable price to pay, even I wasn’t sure in the first month how it’s going to be

Although, when I started to study the whole month and follow all these lessons being a member of Wealthy Affiliate was easy to follow. The lessons were created in video format and you follow like in sequence. They thought me how to rank on google and other great things, so it was a great deal for me. The community was great, people always willing to help when you have some questions to ask building your own business, also finding your niche and I started to see results of my progress.

Why Pro-blogger?

Frankly, speaking it wasn’t easy at all in the beginning at all. Where you can find a new job, or new college, or university. without putting an effort to achieve your goals? It takes a lot of your time and money to invest in a new skill and a new job that requires desire and do not give up. I’m a foreigner from Europe, it wasn’t easy for me to write in English I am make so much Grammar mistakes and still do, I do apologize for this because I’m still learning in a good way. I went to college to earn my degree RN in the USA studying English a second language in Community College and learning TOEFL which I got not the best score in grammar. But today I feel much confident then I was 8 years ago because of constant writing skills, I type better and write better.

The Progress

My desire to learn Internet Marketing was a huge even some days I felt down and wanted to quit everything, my hope in future and believing in higher good in God keep me not to give up on my dreams because I have what to share with the world. Working many years with my patients thought me a lot about how you can live happy when you healthy, big knowledge from years of experience about herbs and healing powers on your own how to eat, which you can find in my articles that I write today. In other words, I always wanted to heal and save people life’s and learn how much believing in yourself can help you.

That why the Love ❤ Healthy Choices website was born and created for that purpose. This site is dedicated to readers for a healthy lifestyle and wellness being

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