Anti-Aging Diet

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As sure as leaves fall from the trees in autumn, and the season changes every year the same human too and we age like nature does the same. It is nothing you can do about to stop the aging process is unavoidable. But not all trees are the same some trees fell off sick and some are very healthy and strong like an oak tree, right? The aging comes for some too early, or too late why sometimes we say look she still young like ten years ago

What is her secret?

She doesn’t age at all it works for us like a clock some of us age slowly and some age quickly. Even a scientist trying to find how to stop an aging process doesn’t have much success in this. Look to the doctors who old do they look younger than us, of course not because there is no elixir of youth forever to be young and no magic. It’s you who can change the body to become strong and young inside and out? We are what we are and how God creates us. That only one truth is your genes at birth you are a lucky one if you have good genes from the parents. Do your parents always look young, and was strong? Then what you will get too and is not the secret that wiser person is the better health he has. They grow older being wiser than wizened and they live a longer life. Doctors agreeing on one proven method and it really works is your diet.

How important is the diet?

Very important because what we eat can change the body, the system, and the brain. The human body needs 40 micro nutrition’s for healthy functioning. Do we get those vitamins with food that we eat the answer is no? We eat what we like not what we need, and the thing is we all do those mistakes in life. It is good that we young and energetic seems nothing to worry about the diet, yes is true until sickness knocks on the door. Then wanted or not you have to change your diet and food you eat. When people young they have a lot of tasty food like fries, fry meat, barbecues and beer parties, and so on. It’s all right it’s called life but we talk here about aging, yes but carbohydrates do a lot of damage to the cells.

The one factor to be aware is mitochondria damage plays a significant role in the body cells and works like a rechargeable battery to produce more energy in the human body. As you age the fewer mitochondria, we have of the nutrition deficiencies in the body cells. Another is DNA damage from free radicals that the body produces naturally from metabolism when we consume food. The damage inside in cells is like the process of a rusting. That way the human body aging faster from the free radicals and stopping the youth. So, through a long time, our immune system weakens from the lifestyle you live and the food we eat and of course from the stress. Bad diet and food accelerate more aging diseases. It the same as you change rusty parts of the car you can’t, unfortunately, change our parts. There is a technology that can do for society to help in today’s world. Healthy people no need surgeries, or procedures form a doctor they have a good diet and an amazing life to live

Is Your Doctor Physical Effort?

Nutrition is so important to humans’ bodies without vitamins, amino acids and minerals we can’t have good health. Getting the right nutrition through life is a huge part of the aging process. The brain and mind also make a difference in one’s life, less stress more active and happy life. Remember all the vitamins that you take is not enough recommendation check with your doctor if you have some illness first. Doctors having a lot of problems with seniors because they not follow doctors’ advice. As they tend to be older, they have lost their appetite and for that reason, they eat a very poor diet of required nutrition.Having better energy every day because you woke up full of energy in the morning being positive is the goal in life to achieve

Custom Keto Diet

What Nutrition Do You need?

What is Fiber?

What is best for you are healthy food and vitamin supplements.

B vitamins

Greens leave vegetables, cereal also can take a daily vitamin B group supplement. Vitamin B12 is good for building red cells and maintaining healthy nerves

Calcium is vital for bones to take a daily supplement essential against cancer to eat food with rich in calcium

Iron too much iron could cause a big problem. Trying the liquid vitamin iron is better than in pills. It depends on the body’s reactions to how you can tolerate pills or liquid vitamins.

Magnesium if you short in Magnesium you also short in Calcium. That multivitamin you take is not giving enough Magnesium. You need at least 400 mg. Eat spinach and salad’s which have plenty of magnesium this amazing mineral. Vitamin D helps function for a healthy brain. Why you want to keep the brain active when getting older. You can find in milk and being outside of the sun.

Enjoy eating with the company

Sharing meals with friends and family makes you feel happy. The time you spend with them is enjoyable. Try if possible, have a nice table and dining gives you better eating habits. Why you live alone try engaging in a community that you can have quality time with others. Select colorful food that is pleasant to the eyes, that you don’t lose appetite. You can attend some groups of the same age, to play games, or go to see a concert to see if you love music. They travel together going to visit a museum and some nice places. You don’t have to be alone to interact more with your neighbors and friends would a huge difference in your life. Aging is not as scary as we think if taking with some prepared steps toward our goals. They’re always the bright side when you believe. You believe you live when you hope you have the future.

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