Appearance-is a Mirror of Your Health

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     What the body indicates about Your Health?

After reading this section of the whole article you will understand what secret processes inside the body can testify to the tongue, eyes, lips, hair, and skin. Besides, human body is a unified system of the body. Let us consider everything separately on all parts of our body what signs indicate a predisposition to one or another disease.

The head and its shape

However, occiput looks like cut off almost flat you need to know that your nature has not donated good health. Such people often complain of health disorders as circulatory disorders, migraine headaches, liver, and gastrointestinal pains. They need to constantly strengthen themselves and apply a wide range of methods to the education of their health.

The Hair
Hair and Scalp Problems

Our health indicator of a hair is not obedient to the hairstyle, quickly heaps or overcomes the dry, the brittle is a sign that there is something confused in our body. The most commonly associated problems with hair due to liver performance is that it is unable to sufficiently purify the blood due to a lack of macro micro elements.

Those people who are has this problem should fight for longer periods, but if there is no patience it will then come to terms with that. You should not worry and do not attempt to use all kinds of hair artificial fibers, it is not a man who decorates it. In the world, there are a lot of people par-bold, and they do not pay great attention to it. Evermore, is not this is what is important on the head, but rather important what is inside.


First, we should pay attention to wrinkles that’s folds above the nose and appears in the form of a cross it may be a sign of curvature of the spine. Besides, it can testify predisposition to migraine which causes the curvature of the cervical vertebrae. If in the forehead folds dotted, wavy such a person tends to be depressed, due to the unbalanced nervous system. It is easy to derive such a person from the balance, and it can be surrounded by spiritual suffering and the like. If continuous intersecting folds are observed in the forehead, such a person is an active person who suffers infrequently.

Eyes are said to be the mirror of the soul. The sight is reflected not only in the human mind but also in Intelligent. Eyes reveal not only our state of health but can tell about our character. The Blue eyes of people are not naïve, they know what they want and what they want. Those people have a strong will, they are stubbornly pursuing that goal.

The green eyes

are characteristic of the Jauri and gentle people. Such people will never disappoint only the greenly lacks always love and never will they not be surprised. But for some, she loved his gratitude for the infinitely great dedication.

Black eyes

a sign of passion city. For the man could have any obstacle he would not stop him especially in the field of love.

Gray eyes

a sign of curiosity. Such people are successful in love and other spheres of life

Light brown eyes are characteristic of a wise man.

Dark brown eyes

testify to the delicate temperament. In fact, the people of these brown eyes do not know what they want and even do not have to achieve this and that goal. Therefore, they are characterized by frequent erupting passion. As many of you know you have a kidney, bladder, and heart disorder in your eye bags.

How to remove it naturally?

The parsley is finely chopped to put the leaves on the eyelids before bedtime with a water swab. Potatoes grate half a potato, add the wheat flour and pour the boiled cooled milk. Stir everything on the eyelids for 15 minutes.


refer to the nervous system tension. Coarse envelopes indicate the functioning of the nervous system normally. The body’s mineral balance is damaged in the upper eyelid. In this case, it is necessary to rest well, to sleep to restore the body’s balance.

Eyebrows– are a hormonal indicator of activity.


Shows the characteristics of a person’s spiritual life if it is tilted from the right to enjoy physical work if I am left inclined to mental activity.


The upper shape and color of the lip indicate the state of blood and the lower part of the organs located at the bottom.


This mirror of the body under the condition of the tongue can be determined whether the person is healthy or sick. Even if symptoms of the disease disappeared in the condition of the tongue, it is not possible to clearly confirm that the disease has not yet departed. Especially characteristic changes on the surface of the tongue when it is applied to the digestive organ of the stomach, liver, bowel disease.

On the tongue of most people can be observed grayish plaque which is evidenced by the disruption of the digestive functions. Many people’s diets promote acidity, i.e. sour blood reaction, which creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of all sorts of parasites as fungi, yeast, and the like.

An acidic blood reaction becomes a cause of many diseases of the digestive, heart, liver, nervous system and scalp. Fungal whitish-gray plaque testifies that it is time to change life habits, cleanse the body, properly combine foods. Eat more such products that cause alkaline blood reaction vegetables, fruits, fresh juices.


The Immune System

To keep teeth healthy it is necessary to systematically and correctly clean them and eat healthily. It is very important to slowly chew food, do not eat very hot and cold products. The color and shape of the teeth resemble the ivory of a healthy person. Only do not compare with the smoky yellow teeth. The more regular form and the more uniform the hue reflects human health. Damaged teeth signalizing that the body is affected.

The main reason why crashing teeth are the use of heat-treated products and the addition of moderate sugar coffee and other sugary drinks, as well as the use of ice cream and synthetic products. Improper nutrition from childhood, the completely change the formation of calcium in the body, which in turn replaces bones and teeth.

Ears a reflection of creative the large ears are characterized by a person that missing a way to develop knowledge. Small ears with a sign of frivolity and limitless. Individuals with small ears love to often commit fraud.


Reveals character traits. Too small chin shows a faint will such a person often tortured and tends to neurasthenia

The neck

Biological age indicator short neck possible a person having circulatory disorders. The tendency of apoplexy to unclean people to increase body weight. They should track cholesterol levels and move more and be more frequent in the fresh air. A long neck predisposition to angina, respiratory tract, and pneumonia. The long-necks people have to harden the body, especially the nose to try to breathe only through the nose.

Shoulders -Left shoulders above the tendency to rheumatism. Pains in the right shoulder blade – liver disorders of the gallbladder. Pains at the left shoulder blade-gastric ulcer and if both shoulders have elevated -lung problems. Both shoulders are tilt from the front-a small lung circumference to the upper spine of the curvature. Both shoulders tend to back-breathing problems that can be asthma. Best Essential Oils for Skin Care


The most important organ of human respiration. To be healthy it is necessary to strive to make the skin contact with air, water and the boundaries of the mind with the sun. Although all skin changes are associated with the condition of internal organs, however, natural cosmetics can provide invaluable help.

Can you imagine that potatoes can help?

So, try this recipe If your skin is dry and with spots, two tablespoons of potato juice mix with one teaspoon of the milk.For a slag skin, oily and spiced, rubbing the skin with a mix of 1 tablespoon of potato juice and 5 drops lemon juice.

With those visible on the face, the tiny reddening of blood vessels is advisable to put on a mask. Make a piece of gauze or a towel cloth by cutting out parts of fabric for the eyes, nose, and lips, and put on such a mask for half an hour of a hair facial redness is caused by the discharge of gastric juice drink half a glass of potato juice after meals 3 times a day.

For the elderly, it is recommended to grind the boiled potato with the skin mask treat it to a warm face. For a hair aging skin is jealous and dry I potatoes stir the egg yolk mask to hold for 30 minutes. Then wipe with the gauze in the milk if the skin is dry, and if the fat is only wiped with the gauze in warm boiled water.

After the masks, lubricate the nourishing cream, and now look at the mirror after all the rejuvenating.

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