Medical and Cosmetic-Natural-Recipes

Medical and Cosmetic-Natural-Recipes

    What is Natural Recipes for home? Tooth –powder make vegetable charcoal by burning slices of the bread to charcoal Pound to the black slices into a fine powder. The flavor of a few drops of oil peppermint of clove, or rosemary. Brush the teeth with this morning and night using a soft brush and … Read more Medical and Cosmetic-Natural-Recipes

The Most Common Skin Conditions

Tea Tree Oil

  What is the Most Common Skin Conditions?   The skin is a thin layer of tough tissue that compares the covering of the body. While it protects all our internal system, is also connected that can react to infections anywhere in the body. Skin is affected by our emotional health. For, someone who has … Read more The Most Common Skin Conditions

How to Reduce Chronic Illness?-By Keto Diet

          Why you should choose this diet?  The Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet  The Ketogenic diet refers to a form of dieting where high fats, adequate protein and low carbs are consumed. Its aim is to deplete the body’s glycogen reserves so that it relies on fat and protein for energy. The body then undergoes … Read more How to Reduce Chronic Illness?-By Keto Diet