Herbs that Heals Your Body

Balsam fir, Canada balsam

The people were long-living hundreds or even older that we learn through our history of years ago. People have encountered during that period painful historical events like wars and depression. This brought some bad diseases and infection which was hard to deal these times. We all believe through our life that that aging makes us feel sick and our health declines as a result. They no longer will live life is they enjoy, or worse they will live spending being sick in bed. But this is not what you want to believe when you age?

Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea


Do you know one quote from bible help yourself and God will help you too?

They knew how to live, and what to eat. Why the peoples who live in villages and farms have longevity and good eating habits. They were happier and healthier. They do not have everything like the people living in today’s society. But do you know the health secret that your health key is in your hands? The way you think, the way you react to some diseases when it’s appeared. Did you think about how you can spend your life?

For instance, playing golf, meeting with your friends, or walking because you can. There are some Herbs who can help you heal faster. People knew which herbs heal the body. They believe in herbal therapies it cannot correct years for your body. But for those who believe leading a successful lifestyle, herbs may promote longevity. In most cases, if we choose healthy herbs it can help to heal our bodies. Keep in mind also pros and cons some people can eat a couple of piece of garlic it is actually can fight infection for your body. Also, can decrease blood clotting time in your blood if you have a heart problem. But if you take blood thinners for the heart diseases you cannot eat garlic us you know, what herbal therapy does to your body seed the right amount and proper was

Pine Tree

It is safe to use a tea or a tincture. The fresh shoots dried leaves{needles} bark and resin used. The resin used also in dentistry and for food beverages in industry. You can pick up fresh shoots, and bark and leaves as needed in spring and used for teas. You might want to be careful with the bark since you don’t want to damage the tree. The best is to do in autumn, or in the fall sap and resin can be collect by drilling a small hole in the tree. Yet, use caution by catching in the basket trying not damaging the tree.


When you preserve use dry roots only, do not remove all the bark from a tree is these actions can damage the tree. Cut the bark in small pieces and spread on a tray to dry. Leaves you can use the same instructions as for regular herbs by drying. Then resins may be stored in a clean dark jar until ready to use. Leaves after drying process are complete store in dark jar too. Try to avoid over-drying as they can be too brittle from the sunlight. You can make a tincture 5 to 20 drops tincture with a small amount of water and use it.

Making a tea 2 to 6 tablespoons of leaves, or bark in one cup of boiling water. The safety is considered safe and in effect when use needles and twigs. Also, if used in proper dosages do not have damaging effects on the body. This is the whole story about how pines and trees have invaluable healing powers to your body. Only by walking in the park with plenty of pines trees can improve your breathing if you have lung problems. It gives your body so many benefits. It cleans and repairs your lungs from chemical damages, from the air we breathe


Calendula officinalis anti-inflammatory and antiseptic purpose. This herb heal for bleeding problems such as Gastroenterology illness, gastritis. It can help to cure stomach problems like duodenal ulcers and wounds. Also, calendula use for menstrual problems for women. It can reduce heat in the body and lover temperature through sweating. It works like a miracle medicine if you believe in natural herbs. From my life experience, I witness for myself how much it helped to heal my friend’s wounds. Dried flowers heads are used for inflammation internally and externally

Best Essential Oils for Skin Care


What are the best oils for skincare?

How oils can help you and how you can use them in your everyday life

It is a pure liquids essences extracted from plants are very effective for your skin and the body. Especially herbal plants have antibacterial, antiseptic which helps to heal even wounds. You can use them for healing, or for housekeeping. There are many oils using worldwide but not all them you can use since depends on what type of skin do you have?

Dry skin

good ginger, cardamom, sandalwood, jasmine, nutmeg, lemon, rose oil

 Sensitive skin

cumin, coriander, mint, camphor

 Oily skin

eucalyptus, clove, lavender, clove

Herbal oils are very concentrated medical oils which are used undiluted for massage therapies.

Herbal bath

You can add to your bath dried herbs or just a couple of drops essential oil. It can create a very nice and pleasant aromatic effect. You feel energized, cleansed and moisturize all over your body.

I have found that bath really can make you refresh but also gives for your body and soul such an amazing feeling for all day. I suggest that you might like to do this in the evening but not at night. Some people have a sensitivity to late bath it could disturb the fell asleep faster. We do shower most of us do every day but what about taking a good and relaxing bath. I was working fool time I don’t have any more energy to pay attention to what my body is telling me


Love Your Body

Yes, you do because when the Immune system weakens in your body you can be affected by numerous diseases like flu, sore throat. I used to have sore through every autumn, or winter. I just don’t pay attention to my health and keep working for full time and keep studying in College to have my degree. I come to understand taking time for recreation for my body can decrease my productivity in my life. The responsibilities what we have in our lives daily family, work, school, bills household chores, and other things that require using so much energy. We simply forget how to treat ourselves good. The truth is we deserve that to our body since it takes that a little of your time. But overall we get energized and relaxed. Some people for instance in Russia, or in Europe they do hot sauna in winter with herbal dry plants and then jump in cold water.

 How to cleanse and moisturize your skin?

Wet sauna with Eucalyptus I do every month in my Fitness club. Sauna is just another alternative what you can do. When you cleanse and nourish the skin with herbs and oils your skin will change and improve. When you buy your oils buy only without synthetic substances, now dyes, preservatives. You should look for organic and natural oils. Our skin breathes for us and cleanses from heat and cold and serve as protection from sun and wind. Our skin manages to repair itself by realizing bad toxin from our body.

But as you know from all that our body deserves special care. Sore backs, or dry and itching hands, or feet. Use in your skincare products to experience its rich fragrance and moisturizing properties. Include a few drops in a steamy bath to enjoy its relaxing aroma. Diffuse throughout your home for a unique and calming aroma. Add a few drops to your shampoo or scalp treatment to enjoy the oil’s moisturizing benefits

Scented Bath oils for sensitive skin

What are Different Types of Massage Therapies?

How to Use the Best Essential oils for the skin for massage and bath

1 cup grape seed oil add 10 drops pure rose essential oil, or 60 drops chamomile or lavender essential oil blended well. Use 1 or 2 tsp{5-10 ml} per bath

Note for working with essentials oils

Do not use as a direct substitute. You should dilute first like 2 dilutions would mean 40 drops pure essential oil to 1/2 cup{125 ml} carrier oil.

Total body massage oil

In 50 ml of carrier oil such as sweet almond, or grape-seed oil, add 5- 20 drops essential oil and the vitamin E capsule blended and used. You can use these Essentials oils for everyday use. You can keep them in your bathroom, the kitchen, or you can carry out them with you when you travel. These the Top 3 that you can use


light, clean refreshing floral aroma


Strong fresh stimulating with aroma distilled from leaves grown in Spain

Tea Tree

Powerful bracing herb aroma distilled from leaves grown in Australia


This oil is familiar to most people. It is used to kinds of toothpaste. It is used for mouthwash, breath mints, flavoring. This oil has good healing properties for your whole body. This oil has been treated for headaches, swelling, nausea since it gives a cooling sensation. When you have your feet hurt and swollen also gives a very nice calming and relaxing feeling. But do not overuse it, it also can be irritated on your skin.

For massage, use dilute 2 drops into 10 ml base oil to refresh a room add 6 drops of single Essential oil,

or you can add 3 drops each of two essential oils into the vaporizer. Please also have in mind do not use undiluted directly on the skin

Be aware of animals they are sensitive to aromas

It might not good for them to breath such as strong aroma. They could be allergic to these substances. Peppermint oils are so powerful it could even help with ants, or some bugs stay away from your home. They can’t handle a Peppermint aroma. I tried many times doing in my home and I have amazing results. Why we always ask ourselves how important to as our physical appearance. Isn’t we want to be beautiful inside and out.

A lot of as woman thinking that is everything about being beautiful, but ironically will it make as happy now is not. The Truth is the beauty is inside of us depends. When you are healthy then you are happy now another way around. This the law of nature everything in this world comes with balance. The way we eat and work and rest. Your health is the most important treasure in your life