Fever and Flu

When we catch something like cold, or flu we say no not again. Well, this happened quite often especially for some children and older adults. On average adult catches a cold, or flu-like symptoms two-four times a year. Children 6-10 times a year and sometimes more. Isn’t there that you can do from coming so recently? Yes, you can.

See when viruses at work and when we interact with that person, we get that virus. There are two common ways to get cold and flu. Through the air and when we touch, kiss, shake a hand, or simply its travels like an infection. Is someone sneeze’s the nose, or have a bad cough it’s spread bacteria through the air. There are many kinds of the virus as we know to exist and some might we get when we travel for instance to other countries

What the symptoms are?

You have a bad headache, sweating and high temperature are common. Although, temperatures 98.6 to {37.0 C} considered normal it still can vary one over a day. In the afternoon can reach 99.5{37.5C} for example and if the person reaches 100.5 {38.0C} we call it high fever. Although, it depends on also from the weather and clothing.

From hot weather, we can have a high temperature too, or having so much heavy clothing on the body. Fever it not an illness but rather a symptom of the problem, or an infection. It depends on the cause of what you experience such a sweating, shivering, thirst, vomiting diarrhea. The fever alone does not require treatment it could be treated naturally. Lowering medication it acetaminophen, or aspirin can be effective. Aspirin should not be given to the children to 18 years old during the viral infection without doctor’s approval it increases the risk of developing Reye’s syndrome it potentially life treating disease which affects the brain and the liver.

The typical cold lasts about a week and includes runny nose, sore throat, coughing, and mild fever. And if you get up in the morning with nausea after eating fish last night and vomiting it not stomach flu it actually a food poisoning. Yes, it true how we can treat ourselves by helping keep our immune system healthy and strong. Following a healthy diet and food in rich nutrition’s, we can beat all infections and diseases. We should able to get five to seven servings a day of fruits and vegetables. But it’s true that the average American simply does not follow the diet regularly. So, what you can do about it? Supplements are your best solution to fix the weak immune system.

Do you taking your Vitamin Supplement ?

Take Vitamin supplements these are vitamins you want to include in a daily dose?

  1. B vitamins {thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid}
  2. Calcium
  3. Magnesium
  4. C Vitamin
  5. Selenium
  6. Chromium
  7. Zinc
  8. A Vitamins

By taking these vitamins look for the label when purchasing the vitamins that these you want to look for. It could help you improve your immune system and overall keep you out of infections ones and for all.

What are other methods?

When you have a fever it just simply you lose a lot of fluid also through sweating. Drink plenty of water and natural Teas flashing out bad bacteria from the body to avoid dehydration. At least eight glasses are preferable in a day. Our immune system has miraculous protection against any bacteria it repairs by itself. If diarrhea occurs have a bread toast, rice and bananas can help. The rice it good to use it that can stop diarrhea. Cook rices in water the mixture should be loosened a little liquid rice water left to eat works the best, or thick it whatever you prefer. It should not look like soup. Broth of chicken or beef and eggs are recommended

Stay at home

Avoiding crowds because the infection spreads fast. Get some rest in bed it important. Sleeping over the flu it essential to everyone gaining the strength back. If you go to work it weakens the immune system and sometimes takes longer to heal. If possible, the faster you heal the sooner you come back to work. Because in some cases people going sick to work and than they cannot heal eventually it prolongs the flu.

I used to have every year my sore throat and flu now when I change my diet, just do not have any more flu and cold. I even don’t have no more flu shots. Well, it’s up to you how you prefer it your choice to make it. You can have a mild one cold that you can treat simply with Hot tea Chamomile tea with honey.

Linden Blossom Tea 

Another tea which can lower the body temperature without any medicine through sweating.When you sick, you don’t have much appetite so, in this case, cook rice soup with milk and raisins added. It tastes good and brings you on the feet fast. Also, other soups like chicken with vegetables, or any kind of broth. These depend on individually but everything you eat helps to heal those bad days. But if you have a good appetite than you have the mild flu and it heals much faster. The food what we eat it important to raise the body energy which it vital for healing.

Have some medicine

You can take acetaminophen it lowers the temperature and headaches if you have. Ibuprofen eases the pain but should not use too often for the side effects. The flu usually worsens the body in the afternoon and in the evening. Homeopathic medicine it very helpful in case you needed and you can buy at Walgreen s ask a pharmacist because Antibiotics it stronger medicine compare to homeopathic medicine but simply doesn’t kill viruses.

Simply being a clean


Washing your hands more often would a priority when you sick. Cleaning your hands when in a public place with alcohol 70% it kills germs, or any kind another devise. Keep with yourself balsam for your lips to moisturize at hand. Having a little disinfection, a home would be great washing floors with a little Clorox added, or any kind killing bacteria device. Ironing your clothes with a hot iron, or in hot drier would be preferable.

The Immune System

Why many of getting sick on an everyday basis? This question we ask ourselves quite often, right? Well is no secret when you do not know about the body and anatomy good. How you can live healthy and wellness life? The key is the time when you got sick and how strong your immune system is. That way when the immune system weakens and cannot prevent from the invader’s like wolf’s in sheep clothing, they come. Many of us make mistakes by choosing not bad food, or neglecting your system with alcohol, or with some poisonous food. Poisoned food is bad the nutritionist recommends eat fresh food. A lot of people choose to eat rich food in antioxidants which can prevent many diseases and illness, and the virus.

The Road to Success

The immune system is so important because it protects you from attacks from microorganisms. These are abnormal cells and chemicals from the environment that we receive. These external threats are an infection caused by bacteria, virus, and fungi. That’s why people who had cancer having those cancerous and abnormal cells in their body. But the system is capable to recognize a problem caused by disease, or injury and repairs the harmed tissues naturally by renewing itself. In over words our immune system is so amazing that can heal on its own if the illness’s do not progress too far

For instance, let’s say somebody has cancer cells stage 3-4 already using chemotherapy and usually doctors recommend removing that tissue by surgery to help that person heal and save his life. But if cancer caught in early stages like stage 1-2, he has a better chance to heal without surgery at all. The most remarkable discovery is that the Immune system has a good memory of foreign substances and organisms. Confronting with the virus, or another invading organism the system creating own antibody against it and some future attack. Do you remember when you had an allergy, or sore through and the flu? From life experience, I had every year a sore throat but I took that seriously knowing that I could heal naturally just with natural remedies, and herbs.

You should take your health seriously. Treat your body good, eat organic healthy food. Avoid eating heavy portions like dinners meat in the late evening. We need to understand that the meat is not the best option since animals were killed in pain and fear. They release the adrenaline in meat not the best option to consume for sick people. Replacing meat to young chicken, or fish worth the choice you want to make.

Make a healthy list of vitamins

  1. Vitamin C found in many fruits, maintain healthy membrane’s, and blood vessels
  2. Vitamin A has a fish, milk, and liver. It helps to keep the immune system strong
  3. Selenium is found in nuts, fish, wheat bran
  4. Omega-3 can be found in flax seed and fish. The flax seed oil can help especially for people who have rheumatoid arthritis. These are the best when fighting against infection.
  5. Proteins the amino acids that can help to prevent infection.
  6. Iron is required oxygen for healthy cells to function Eating of fruits and eggs will improve better protection for the system.
  7. Vitamin E helps produce antibodies avocados, oils, nuts


play an important role in free radicals for the immune system to repair naturally. Beta carotene found in orange and other red plants, also tomatoes contain lycopene which may protect the immune system cells against those free radicals. Remember the timing is the key the earlier you detect the illness the better healing process it comes. Sometimes it could take a longer period to achieve desired results it depends on how strong the immune system is.

Garlic and onions are the antibacterial natural remedy if you use every day in your food. Do not take garlic when you have the irritated stomach.

Ginger- antibacterial remedy

Aloe – plants are a fantastic healing plant. Using as drinks, or teas.

Yogurt or kefir like cultured buttermilk has good bacteria that helps build strong walls against any infection to form. It is probiotic what your body needs for good bacteria acidophilus to form. Don’t take acidophilus if you have inflammation. Taking any supplements, or using fermented dairy products to achieve the best results. Microorganisms will encourage more likely more healthy flora in your gut. If you take any other forms of probiotics follow the package directions.Fill up with fiber- having many fruits and vegetables

Drinking green tea, it’s considered beneficial for the neutralizing harmful radicals in the body. Blueberries, blackberries, and grapes are rich antioxidants. Taking a good quality of multivitamin that you trust is good for you. And if you don’t eat organic food or not enough greens and salad’s it for you. Some people ignore vitamins which are wrong thinking because we not always receive many vitamins what we need

Eat less to live longer

As sure as leaves fall from the trees in autumn each of us will grow old because we age. Good genes at birth also have an impact on our life and longevity. Getting the right nutrition through your life is a huge part of the aging process. Metabolism of food leads to the production of free radicals the less we eat the better we feel. Why cutting down on calories slow down your aging clock. Drink a lot of water, or tea not too sweet. Avoid artificial drinks and lemonade from the store since they contain a lot of sugars. Making your drinks are better mint leaves tea with a little honey is makes feel you good and healthy.

Think about health good

The sickness that you have depends on the emotional state. For instance, if you think you going to throw up you are probably going to. Positively also makes as heal over time. Telling yourself I’m going to be fine and healthy means so much for the mind. Including exercise and physical activity would be your goal. If you can walk for a mile every day would be great but if you can’t then do it at least 3-4 time in a week. Do whatever it takes you to move in a day.

Insomnia-How To Treat Naturally?

Is this happened to You?

People have a hard time to fell asleep through various problems. This occurs over tiredness, or stress that you experience. Did you ever notice yourself tossing and moving in your bed looking for a comfortable position to find? Yes, and that really bothers when you can’t asleep fast enough and need to get up early in the morning after a sleepless night. The reason why this happening according to researchers is we force ourselves to fall asleep pushing our brain constantly work with an idea in our head repeatedly. It works the opposite direction’s suggested by sleep studies if let to fall asleep naturally by not forcing yourself and doing some pleasant activity can help asleep faster and sleep well all night. For instance, having a distraction like reading a book, or listening to a radio program it helps switch off your active mind. In other words, by not thinking the same thoughts again, help you fall asleep naturally. If we work on ourselves to implement methods and ways to sleep naturally and make us heal overall


Insomnia happens for people who usually having stress, or drink too caffeine. The people who use alcohol can affect sleep cycles. You should have seen a doctor if you don’t sleep for a too long a couple of days, or having a breath problem and bad snoring. It could be a sign of some depression or mental illness. Also, if you have drowsiness, trouble concentrating, or memory issues that could be the signs that you have not enough sleep. Notice an early sign can heal you completely from it. You should not rely on sleep medicine only if you have Insomnia there are other ways how you can avoid to back to sleep normally. But first, you need to recognize the cause of the problem. However, is depression it several methods to avoid. Change your thinking negative to positive once’s. But why we feel good and have a good night sleep after walking all day outside or working all day long at work? We get tired physically that right. So maybe we should make some changes in our life’s. Why not do for the start by going to some nice places, exercising and walking in the park. Having some physical activities what you like, swimming, golfing meeting with friends and family. These are all healthy activities can change the mind in the brain and improve good night sleep

What you should avoid?

Too much caffeine it overdoses cause sleepiness and anxiety. Do not use alcohol. What it does it help to release some physical pain temporally but in reality, causes depression and anxiety. Over some time, you become addicted to alcohol like a drug and it needed to treat as any kind disease. People who use 4-5 times alcohol in a month are considered addicted. Some people think it helps them to have reduced stress, or relax the mind after a hard workday in which is not a correct answer to your problem. You should seek help by talking with a health care provider about it. A healthy person does not seek alcohol beverages to relieve stress. If used wisely only for a little on the wedding day, or Birthday party still it considered even today a bad habit. Carbohydrates have a sedatives effect high-protein food a better choice for you


What a way to help you sleep naturally?

A lot of people don’t have any idea how milk can help. You might think this is only for children, now is a big mistake actually warm glass of milk before bed really can help fall asleep faster. The milk contains a Tryptophan amino acid protein in which that body needs serotonin biochemical for calming brain. The amino acid Tryptophan is found in all protein products such as meat, milk, and eggs. The key is a protein which our brain produces serotonin. When you eat carbohydrate meal, for example, Insulin also plays an important role disposition amino acid Tryptophan to the brain in where is converted to serotonin. But if you need some sugar that our body craves at night and feeling hungry, or maybe you woke up of the middle of the night take glass hot, or warm milk with tablespoon honey and some cookies, or crackers if you like have some snack

Another remedy hot Herbal Chamomile Tea can give you the relief. Besides Mint tea can relax the mind and ease a stomach irritation if you have one

Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

This can promote drowsiness and restful sleep. Taking a warm, or hot bath before 2-3 hours bed can help you fell asleep better. But taking bath and then jumping right in bed actually can be a big stimulation for a brain and you keep you awake. Having good night sleep is essential to everyone it depends on how you will perform the next day. You feel energized, happy and can have a tremendous day at work. The quality of sleep has a huge impact on our life’s. Is now secret if you change some habits to positive ways it worth your time and effort what you put in


Sleep like on clouds

Although sleep can vary for older people cycle of sleep is shorter and they woke more often during the night it’s still considered that you need to have at least 8-9 hours of good night sleep. And you can tell how well you sleep by the next day performance. Our thoughts and emotions, mood, nervous system, and brain are connected, our negative thinking and unhealthy diet it what we receive an outcome after all. But if we think positive wishing everyone good, prayers lead to happiness suddenly you have a big change in your life. You start to sleep better your energy levels increase you feel stronger and healthier. Do you know some people do writings before bedtime or listen quite music an ocean waves, or mediation? Is now secret if you change some habits to positive ways it worth your time and effort what you put in. Changing diet another thing we want to take a look at how you eat? Eating fruits, grains, vegetables poultry like meat, fish like salmon Omega-3 oil. Drinking plenty of water flushes out bad toxins from the body. Some prefer to drink Tea over coke, lemonade. Water is a good solution when the body is clean your mind is fresh and rejuvenated.

Organic Vegetables

 What is the most nutritionist vegetable to eat?

Some of us eat vegetables every day which is so helpful and vital for health. It gives not only nutrition value but also contains so many vitamins. Eating vegetables which some of them are fruits like cucumbers, eggplants, green beans, and tomatoes. All plants absorb sunlight from the sun and minerals from the soil and capable synthesized energy from it in which we can benefit. They have vitamins such as A, C, and E. Many farmers have gardens that they grow up their goodies in a garden their own. Others also have a small garden and prefer having their own products such as cabbages, carrots, onions fruits like cherries, and apples. The farmers know how to eat healthy by statistic, they are healthier than people who live in cities. Because they buy products in grocery stores

Were should you buy?

Good that you can find good products in stores where it sells organic produce but they are not so cheap. To eat vegetables and fruits is better organic for health but not everyone knows what food we are buying from our grocery store. A lot of food is GMO modified that means they are not so organic like food from the farmer market. For instance, did you notice how organic eggs can provide so many benefits for you? Organic eggs are brown, even white they taste good and delicious compare with regular eggs. Food makes a lot of changes in our lives for sure by improving health. The roots vegetables such as beets, carrots, are a good source of carbohydrates. Vegetables with a dark leaf which include in the cabbage group also cauliflower and cabbage, Cale, spinach. Those vegetables, especially in green color, are Antioxidants with the vitamin B. B group vitamins as Bioflavonoids can fight many infections and diseases. These greens have a bright color green that they get from chlorophyll the pigment that comes energy from the sun. Plants produce vitamin C from sugars formed by photosynthesis in their leaves. So, the darker leaves are the more vitamin C and beta carotene they have. How many vegetables you should eat?

While vegetable provides starches, proteins, and fiber it depends on how you cook. It is no secret that we lose a lot of nutrition value by cooking. Boiling in water for a long period it loses their vitamins. For that reason, is better to steam the vegetables, or eating raw. Why not eat raw carrots for instance? It contains a beta carotene has vitamin C which needs for a healthy immune system.

Nutritionists find that by eating deep green leaves and yellow vegetables once a day can protect from infection. Peas, beans, and lentils have Magnesium and Zinc. You should those include in a diet as well. Having yogurt daily to keep the stomach healthy is another good benefit. To protect from infection and other health issues taking garlic pills, or raw garlic. Even is not pleasant smell including as an ingredient in cooking soups, or entrees can improve the health.

Cabbage has so much nutrition value making raw salad’s with carrot by adding vinegar and little oil, mixing all together with sea salt and black pepper. Some may know them as sauerkraut salad. You can have a good side dish for dinner, or for lunch. It has only 20 calories and has vitamin C which is good for dieting when losing weight.

The best recipe to lose weight

One cabbage, or half, 4-5 carrots, Tomatoes 5-6, 2 potatoes,4-5 onions,2-3 slices of garlic, red peppers 4, sea salt a little,1 pack onion soup if you prefer to cook until is tender, or 30 minutes period. Eat these soups as much as you like for 10 days every day including some chicken twice a week for dinner boiled chicken breast and that’s all. You will lose your weight in no time. You should avoid during this period alcohol, sweets, white bread and cakes, artificial drinks like lemonade. Only drinking filtered water to flush the system from harmful substances like salt and sugar and others can help lose the weight

The Best Way to Cleanse Your System

Tomatoes are lycopene bioflavonoids and Vitamins A and C a natural agent which fight against cancer cells. Vegetables are Antioxidant against some types of cancer. Although food can’t prevent chronically diseases researchers suggested by eating every day raw vegetables can prevent from forming the new once abnormal cells like prostate cancer.

Conclusion- who should not eat Tomatoes?


Do not eat tomatoes, or use the sauces like ketchup it contains many preservatives and spices. They are very high in sodium which can affect the health of people who has high blood pressure. Also, can cause problems for those who have stomach indigestion or heartburn. It should be avoided until the condition will improve. Also, for some people who have some sort of allergies for certain food such as tomatoes

Potatoes- vegetable rich in potassium, Vitamin C and B6, iron, and magnesium. For example, if you eat potato cooked with skin that is the most that you can benefit. There several types of Idaho, or Russet and sweet potatoes. The potatoes are known from centuries and years ago because they saved people life’s from the poor. But today a lot of people think that without this amazing vegetable can’t imagine not having into your menu. There so many dishes you can cook. Potatoes pancakes, kugel is Lithuanian dish very delicious indeed when baked in the oven. Do you know that the best potatoes to eat if you do not remove the skin? In the skin were the all vitamins and nutrition’s are. Which ones you like to eat depends on your taste and menu. If you boiled potatoes with skin after what has left you can store in the refrigerator. Next day peeled the skin and fry in a pan until is brown and eat. Having a side dish for the next meal to eat it saves time for cooking. Aside with some delicious meals from fish, chicken, or beef and some salad. You don’t need to cook every night by storing food in a container. Keep all food in the refrigerator

How You can store your vegetables?

To grow up in the garden your own organic tomatoes is the best. Keep at room temperature, or lower than 40 F. After harvest in the late-season steaming for the best results of preference. Potatoes you can keep in the darkroom with the temperature at 45 F not lower