Can You Change Your Mind?

We all ask this question quite often. What is the key to happiness? What happiness means to you and others? Many people will define happiness the feelings and good emotions they feel. First about your family, children and good friends. There is no real definition of happiness because people understand different about it. Some people … Read more Can You Change Your Mind?

What Do You Know About Spices ?

What Do You Know About Spices? Through our lifetime we learn how to celebrate Easter, or Christmas holidays. The spices used for a thousand years for many reasons. For perfumes, dyes and even medicine. We love to cook and preserve our food in many traditional ways. Spices are the fruit family. Who doesn’t know how … Read more What Do You Know About Spices ?

Can You Treat Anxiety ?

                              What is anxiety? People do have an” anxiety ” as an encompasses a range of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Anxiety disorder is influenced by psychological, biological, and genetic factors. The answer not so simple nor completely clear. Depression is a mood disorder of a feel what may cause by losing the interest of … Read more Can You Treat Anxiety ?