Can Music Affect Your Brain ?

The music plays an important role in your life

Do you know how to make you feel when you hear some beautiful romantic song on the radio? Does it make you happy and cheerful, of course, it does. Not everyone is into music some people listen to music very rare. Did you ever try to listen to your favorite station on the radio?

It actually does help asleep faster. It calms your mind and soul. I was a singer in the choir for eight years and you know what the singing makes you feel good indeed and cheerful. Music can affect your brain in different positive ways. For instance, our heartbeat can determine our music preferences.

Also can change our blood pressure by using a variety of music styles can lover your blood pressure. The heart rate can reduce if listening to music in the morning and in the evening. Do you remember a movie from’ The sounds of Music “How many people were singing in the whole world those songs? It makes you go through in a very positive and happy state

I love music not only American but any kind of music. Do you ever listen to Indian music? Such as beautiful and calming music. Any kind sounds the birds’ sounds, ocean sound makes feel you good. Any kind instrument you can listen and enjoy Such an accordion, violoncello, and so on

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Why music reduces muscle tension and improves body movement?

Do you ever notice why people go to the fitness club and there is always plays music? People have a preference for music what kind of music they like classical or country. I do love to listening to worshiped songs on the radio such, or church music. Researches found in Europe using music therapy for children’s helped to relax them. Especially those with severe physical and mental disabilities. At frequencies of the music increase and resonate in the lower back, thighs, and legs.

Music can slow down brain waves


Do you know that our consciousness consists of Beta waves when we focus on our daily activities? At we experience strong negative emotions. We are are calm we feeling Alpha waves. Periods of the peak it called Theta waves it makes is feel better and more creative. The slower those waves are the better we are feeling. Beethoven, Mozart, Bach or Louis Armstrong, the famous musicians, made a big impact on the world. Mozart of four become the most gifted child in our history.

Like a young child, Jesus makes a difference in the Temple for the whole world to see. When people listen to the concert they feel soothed or exited by sensuous beauty. It floats into consciousness from a voice, a violin, or piano. They amazed, dazzled, hypnotized when a singer strikes impossibly high or low tone.

When a woman pregnant she has a different type of emotions such as from anger and deep calm to gratitude. Neurological impulses and hormones change, which affects the fetus in mothers body. The voices and thoughts also have a big influence on a deep emotional level

Food and music seem to have a lot in common

People go to restaurants there is good music, we want to listen to be sure of harmonious background. There is no chance you will hear or pay attention while eating. Even so, the music quality is good is not the way you want to listen since you have a conversation with friends. You might miss the sound of that instrument or a song as a singer.It all makes sense where, and what you want to hear from that music.

Do you understand what is this music about?

There is a story I do remember when violinist people invited to the house party to play. His was playing all day on Sunday interrupted and stopped to play his the music. The hospitality with food and drinks, though from the owners of the house was good. At the end of the day, he felt exhaustion. No one listens to his music, it was like a background to entertain people. Unfortunately, this happens in our world today. The way we cherish our singers, and players and the way we accept it.

There is, yet, great heart-music in the world, and much appreciated. Most are folk songs and have distinct heart-interest. They appeal by moving melody, which often fits for the world audience today. Our own mothers deserve credit for the success of their songs to children. Their tunes are easy and appealing to our ears. Do you remember when you grow up what kind of music you were listening? We all do remember when we were young, or children, such is good songs or music we played. And today, I missed that good old music. The folklore or church music is making feel is like, on cloud nine. What a beautiful sound of music. The best music I heard and enjoy are usually at festivals

Can Music Affect Your Brain, of course, yes?

We hear love songs how they make is feel awesome, happy and we smile. We need, we want music which makes sense, with lyrics and beautiful melody. A song is the most beautiful form of music. The art of music has come a long way from the primitive stage. It has a Connection with springs, oh human feelings understanding joy and sorrow, tension and release. We speak the universal language which shaped thousands of years of human experience. That brings us together as a society.

Dance has a big impact on as

We are dance it releases tension from our body through rhythmic movement. What a dance piece can intend for use in the ballroom. It’s different from the dance of our commercial popular music. Such is you remember the music of famous Johann Strauss. , the waltzes into popular cities of the nineteen century. The rhythm of dance is persuasive power to man physical world. Opera forms another link between life and music. Composers learn to transform into musical imagines from the drama of human existence

Music for you what lyrics are from the movie “Sounds of music” Lyrics and beautiful song to sing


Every morning you greet me

Small and white

Clean and bright You look happy to meet me

Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow

Bloom and grow forever


Bless my homeland forever

People shape the great understanding of music when they hear music close to the heart. It follows pure nature music sound the song without the words what else would it be it not music

The Best Way to Cleanse Your System

Do you know that we should clean our bodies inside, and out? The body eventually changes. Yes is true and yes we can. Only by the food, you can clean your body. Some people would clean their system only by drinking tea. Cleanliness is next to godliness. We do like when someone close to as is clean and smells good too. Do we really know how cleansed we are that’s the question?

Have you imagine through your a lifetime how much deposit with putting into our system. I mean deposit bad stuff for many years. Let’s say you ate all your life everything that you like, the meat, desserts, hamburgers, alcohol, beer and so on. Through years our system gets affected by toxins and toxic chemical from the environment. Much of these toxins are eliminated naturally but some remain still in your system and will cause harm to your health. Fasting is the most important in our life’s today. You could cleanse and rid of bacteria that cause you to become sick. That why people doing that around the globe.

 When you should start detoxing?

That the question we should ask ourselves as possible. I would suggest the best time of course in spring, or summer. Some people prefer in autumn whatever it feels right for you, you want to do this. Take care of yourself good. Is not recommended to cleanse for people who just got sick, or weak come from the hospital. If you have Diabetes or some chronic diseases, for these people better to check with your physician first. But if you want to be recovered from illness is a great way doing that but seek first medical advice from professionals.

What are the side effects?

Cause you are fasting three or four days you can have some headaches, it is a typical side effect because sugar level suddenly drops. This is just the beginning of the elimination of caffeine in your system if you drink for instance too much coffee. You can feel an increase in temperature, sweating, tremors, aches, and pains. This is normal since traditionally was believed this cause by the release of toxins from your body.

We know that this is the result of the natural bacteria in the gut dying out releasing chemicals which are absorbed by the wall of the gut. If these things happening to you, do not stress out actually those are
good signs. Only by eating vegetable soup you can not only cleanse your body inside but also lose your desire weight at least 10 pounds. And it works, I did that on myself I lost 12 pounds eventually

The recipe is so simple anyone can do. You not only feel easier but also have a very good energy flow to your body. What do you need for that 1 cabbage,6 or 7 carrots, onions 6, or 7, garlic 5,6 1package of dry onion soup, broth beef, or chiken1 or 2 packs. Also, you can add some other desired vegetables like peppers sweet, etc. You don’t have to use both, you can do without it

You should have a more desirable outcome. Start eating this soup for 10 days. You can eat as much as want per day 3-4 times a day, or even more. Please note this soup is for people who want to lose some weight or just cleanse their body. If you never try to do fasting maybe this isn’t for you at all. After this, you could feel a little weakness but that is just a temporary feeling then your body return to the normal level. Another method good for you if you want to lose a couple of pounds.

Varieties of Fruits to Eat

  • Try not to eat for two, or for three, no
    food any kind, or just one day in a week.
  • Eat for instance apples all day, or eat some watermelons,
    your favorite fruits.
  • Banana is good for you to have a lot of source of  Potassium 100 calories too many calories, which is not recommended for detoxing your body. Also, we need to avoid fruits with too much
    sugar, as well. Just keeping in mind this use wisely your fruits for you cleanse the system
  • Maintaining a high fluid intake is essential for everybody

What doctors recommend drinking plenty of filtered water if you have, or herbal tea. Bottled water without sweeteners, no milk or sugar added. Also, very helpful if you make drinks on your own likewise aloe plant, ginger, ginseng roots. It is so simple to make it by adding a little lemon and a little honey to make your drink taste able

The Heat Exhaustion and Water

It can produce so much energy levels can increase drastically after you do you’re cleansed of your body. The simple recipes for smoothies and drinks are very beneficial to our health if we want to achieve desirable results. I do recommend that you make your own from fresh and organic produce. Just think about when you get up in the morning and have your own smoothie. The Cayenne pepper has amazing healing power ties for many illnesses.

 My favorite drink recipe

Do not forget to rest

While we all need a nutritious food like carbohydrates to give as energy for not only physical functioning but also mental as well. Foods such as whole-grain bread, brown rice, whole oats, beans, and lentils have a very good source of fiber what we need the most for our bodies. But when food is refined and processed loses a lot of nutritious value only by containing so much sugar so and calories. I use raw honey and brown sugar. The tea with honey and lemon, and by adding some small pieces of ginger roots make a delicious drink. Or drinking in the morning some organic apple cider one tablespoon, diluted with the 2 cups of the water makes you fat melt like butter.

Fasting for three days is the best way to cleanse your system. And you will notice your body will change. By combing a little exercise, relaxation and fasting it will boost your immune system. Now for summertime, you can work in your garden to plant something, or you enjoy planting at home flowers. It makes you keep busy at the same time makes your mental state feel calm and at peace. Can you enjoy by the ocean, or by the sea, doing some exercise like swimming, that could help ease your mind? That you could feel happy and healthy again

The Best Top 5 Healthy Cooking Oils

 What it cause inflammation?

You need healthy blood flow to keep your brain active. Also, to avoid other health problems that cause inflammation in your body. The Doctors usually recommends life-changing plan what is the available exercise in order to lose your weight, medications for lowering your cholesterol, or diabetes medicine. The trouble is that clinical investigations are time-consuming and costly for that reason sometimes missed the exact cause in a particular patient’s problem. Nevertheless, treatments prescribed and decisions are made for the care plan in order to help the patient

 What is the most important keys to your health?

The Best Way to Cleanse Your System

For minor injuries, the body has healing power on itself to heal and repair the body. It quickly removes damaged cells and repairs to normal function. However, if the damage is severe infection will occur because too many cells are affected. The regeneration of new once is the difficult and more complicated sequence of the healing process. Inflammation is normal and essential to our bodies. Our diet and a healthy lifestyle can change to become healthy again. If a person eating too much bad food for instance in quick restaurants can not only affect his health and weight it also can raise your cholesterol levels very high. That why so much in the USA people are obese

Why we experience failures?

In fact, even people know so much information and read kinds of literature about health problems they fail to do so, of the busy schedule of their lifestyles. The most common diseases are heart problems, diabetes, and blood pressure which is the main cause of distress and bad eating habits. What did you eat? Fat is one constituent of food. The calories are food made up principally of fat, protein, and simple contain carbohydrates. Meat gets its calories from its protein. Fruits and vegetables are primary carbohydrates although contain protein and little fat. Eat good breakfast rich with protein and vitamins and fruits with fiber

What is Fiber?

By following this lifestyle people usually trying to change something for better but got unsuccessful results. There is a lack of understanding of what is really needed to be done. First, you needed to know your body very well. We all have busy lifestyles and at the same time but for reason, some people are better than others, that the truth. You just have to be smart, that all what you have to do. You owe that to yourself because you deserve to feel good and healthy. Look upon the way you cook your food. Did you use the right and good organic oil?

The best Top 5 oils to buy

Sometimes we do buy cheap oils just to save some money because it is on all sale. Did you know how much you lose when you make that choice? Do you know frying too much meat in the pan on simple oil can cause cancer through time? Overheated oil is not healthy anymore. That’s why is better to cook your food in an oven, or even better in a slow cooker. Its good also cooks your food outside like barbecue. Is healthier and actually tastier. Choosing to eat a lot of vegetables, another good choice. When you buy your oil in the store looking on nutrition label how much percentage of trans fat and saturated fat contained in the bottle. Also, try to buy made in Italy, or France because were they made is important from the origin of the country. Those are five the best oils. Of course, there are other oils as good as well, but I prefer the best Top 5 oils for my cooking, which I use on an everyday basis

  • Olive oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Grape seed oil

 Change your habits to good ones

By planning and preparing your lifestyle you need to do a little homework. Why don’t you plan ahead of time, like to coming spring I want to be thinner, or healthier? Set up your goals what you want to eat. Do you know to start purchasing healthy food like healthy oil, fish, and some fresh produce can over time help reduce the weight, and increase your good health. Also, increase your good energy levels. Balance your meals to reading nutritional labels. How many calories have, how much-saturated fat.

Cooking oils are very important for your health, so to choosing the best oils to buy for your cooking is just one step toward wellness. Another, that what kind of vegetables you will eat also plays an important role too. You don’t need to use too much spice either. Just little salt and pepper a little organic vinegar make the natural good taste of your food. By using some basil leaves for your salad, or bay leaves for soups. Take your time eating slowly and enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Change the habits that can change a life for the better. When the body feels happy, your soul feels happy. Your heart supports your brain when eating right the body transforms to a healthier shape

Eliminate yourself from bad influences

Of bad and negative things in your life. For example, sitting all day long on the couch and watching too much TV. You not only get tired of doing it on an everyday basis but also you cannot fell asleep for the night. Better to listen to some nice music, or read a good book helps asleep faster. Avoid eating white bread and extra salt on your dishes. Eat less the meat, or at least a small portion. What is best for you Omega fat you can find by eating good fish. The vegetables and greens are the best for you. Never forget taking your vitamin supplements because we cannot get everything from food. To feel absolutely healthy, we need to follow good choices in life.

There is a good quote help to yourself and God will help you to believe and achieve to be healthy. Keep your mind positive and calm, enjoy more beautiful nature and outside