Anti-Aging Diet

As sure as leaves fall from the trees in autumn, and the season changes every year the same human too and we age like nature does the same. It is nothing you can do about to stop the aging process is unavoidable. But not all trees are the same some trees fell off sick and some are very healthy and strong like an oak tree, right? The aging comes for some too early, or too late why sometimes we say look she still young like ten years ago

What is her secret?

She doesn’t age at all it works for us like a clock some of us age slowly and some age quickly. Even a scientist trying to find how to stop an aging process doesn’t have much success in this. Look to the doctors who old do they look younger than us, of course not because there is no elixir of youth forever to be young and no magic. It’s you who can change the body to become strong and young inside and out? We are what we are and how God creates us. That only one truth is your genes at birth you are a lucky one if you have good genes from the parents. Do your parents always look young, and was strong? Then what you will get too and is not the secret that wiser person is the better health he has. They grow older being wiser than wizened and they live a longer life. Doctors agreeing on one proven method and it really works is your diet.

How important is the diet?

Very important because what we eat can change the body, the system, and the brain. The human body needs 40 micro nutrition’s for healthy functioning. Do we get those vitamins with food that we eat the answer is no? We eat what we like not what we need, and the thing is we all do those mistakes in life. It is good that we young and energetic seems nothing to worry about the diet, yes is true until sickness knocks on the door. Then wanted or not you have to change your diet and food you eat. When people young they have a lot of tasty food like fries, fry meat, barbecues and beer parties, and so on. It’s all right it’s called life but we talk here about aging, yes but carbohydrates do a lot of damage to the cells.

The one factor to be aware is mitochondria damage plays a significant role in the body cells and works like a rechargeable battery to produce more energy in the human body. As you age the fewer mitochondria, we have of the nutrition deficiencies in the body cells. Another is DNA damage from free radicals that the body produces naturally from metabolism when we consume food. The damage inside in cells is like the process of a rusting. That way the human body aging faster from the free radicals and stopping the youth. So, through a long time, our immune system weakens from the lifestyle you live and the food we eat and of course from the stress. Bad diet and food accelerate more aging diseases. It the same as you change rusty parts of the car you can’t, unfortunately, change our parts. There is a technology that can do for society to help in today’s world. Healthy people no need surgeries, or procedures form a doctor they have a good diet and an amazing life to live

What is Fiber ?

Nutrition is so important to humans’ bodies without vitamins, amino acids and minerals we can’t have good health. Getting the right nutrition through life is a huge part of the aging process. The brain and mind also make a difference in one’s life, less stress more active and happy life. Remember all the vitamins that you take is not enough recommendation check with your doctor if you have some illness first. Doctors having a lot of problems with seniors because they not follow doctors’ advice. As they tend to be older, they have lost their appetite and for that reason, they eat a very poor diet of required nutrition.

Having better energy every day because you woke up full of energy in the morning being positive is the goal in life to achieve

Custom Keto Diet

What Nutrition Do You need?

What is best for you are healthy food and vitamin supplements.

B vitamins

Greens leave vegetables, cereal also can take a daily vitamin B group supplement. Vitamin B12 is good for building red cells and maintaining healthy nerves

Calcium is vital for bones to take a daily supplement essential against cancer to eat food with rich in calcium

Iron too much iron could cause a big problem. Trying the liquid vitamin iron is better than in pills. It depends on the body’s reactions to how you can tolerate pills or liquid vitamins.

Magnesium if you short in Magnesium you also short in Calcium. That multivitamin you take is not giving enough Magnesium. You need at least 400 mg. Eat spinach and salad’s which have plenty of magnesium this amazing mineral. Vitamin D helps function for a healthy brain. Why you want to keep the brain active when getting older. You can find in milk and being outside of the sun.

Enjoy eating with the company

Sharing meals with friends and family makes you feel happy. The time you spend with them is enjoyable. Try if possible, have a nice table and dining gives you better eating habits. Why you live alone try engaging in a community that you can have quality time with others. Select colorful food that is pleasant to the eyes, that you don’t lose appetite. You can attend some groups of the same age, to play games, or go to see a concert to see if you love music. They travel together going to visit a museum and some nice places. You don’t have to alone interact more with your neighbors and friends would a huge difference in your life. Aging is not as scary as we think if taking with some prepared steps toward our goals. They’re always the bright side when you believe. You believe you live when you hope you have the future.

Hair and Scalp Problems

Healthy human hair has from 80.000 to 150. 000. An on average for the person could be from 80.000 to 90.000 The human hair is composed of the keratin and passes through 3 phases. The growing phase called{anagen} when the hair grows which can last from 1 to 5 years. Grow is followed by the resting phase {telogen} this ends after a few months after the hair has shed {catagen}. And the new hair growth. To lose at least 50 to 200 hair its normal part of the cycle for human hair to happen


You could have too much hair. The finer and fluffy looks your hair the more hair you have per square inch of the scalp. Those with fine hair have as many 140.000 oil glands on their scalp. Those are called sebaceous glands that produce sebum fatty oil. The more oil glands the more hair you have. People who have very rich hair texture are important to wash the oily hair with shampoo more often. Try to avoid conditioner to wash out the oil, replacing with simple treatment and rinse with homemade remedies.

What are the causes?

It is important to watch over these factors because many women having hair loss through hormonal changes. They lose hair when they go stage of menopause. Also, other factors may be metabolic disorders which include diabetes, thyroid disease, medical treatments such as chemotherapy. You color the hair too with peroxide often also can be the cause. Stress can be damaging the hair and it causes falling out more of the hair. So, if you will change your diet it could repair and regrow back normal again. For a man, boldness could be through hormonal changes or runs in the family like parents and grandparents were bold


Boldness and dandruff the most common problems in today’s society. It’s almost 50% of the population experience dandruff. This could be of the scalp skin disorder such as Seborrhoeic dermatitis. It most likely causes infection by {Pytyrosporum ocale} fungus. This fungus can be found normally on the scalp and feeds on oily skin. This may affect differently than others. Some may have irritation and inching off the scalp when the dead skin sheds. Many people shed flakes from the dry scalp, especially during winter. But some people have this problem for certain food they eat spicy food, or hot liquids and alcohol. It could help take one, or two tablespoons of flax seed oil. It helps people who have psoriasis, or eczema. Remember that you need to take for some time to have the desired results. Is that that is not helpful try something other methods like shampoo which contains anti fungal medication. Dandruff shampoos contain zinc pyrithione or selenium sulfide all of which works for the shedding of the dead cells layer of the scalp.

Having a new diet and deficiency of vitamin A, or iron, biotin, zinc or protein. It could be a temporary problem for the hair lost restore back to normal by taking these vitamins.

The nutrition is vital for hair such as niacin, biotin, zinc and other vitamins A, B6, and C, A. Having a good diet and good food can provide for healthy hair. So, if you follow a rich diet that is the key for nice and strong hair

Wash your hair

Washing your hair every day may be helpful for someone but not good for others. Someone who has dry hair may be better wash twice a week. Massaging your scalp during shampoo can be a beneficial and effective method. You have oily hair consider avoid a conditioner. After, you wash check it out how the hair looks like is still oily then you need to wash it twice. Finding the right shampoo is essential to your hair regrow and look healthy. See is that the right fit for you. It is important that your dry hair needs more keratin to repair. Is good to do some proteins mask for the hair.

The masks and treatments

The people who have mixed hair like oily in summer and might have dry in winter. When weather changes in winter and hot summer the climate change affects our hair how it looks. In this situation, a hot mask from healthy oils can restore the dry hair. Herbal tinctures can help clean the scalp for oily hair. Washing your hair with the homemade remedies can help to look nice again. The treatment that helps people are tinctures. Three are plenty to buy from the pharmacy, or for the organic store which sells natural supplies

Look for a good brush

The brush also makes a big difference. Have a hair comb that when brushing, does not affect the scalp are necessary.

You loose hair, or they become too brittle seek attention that something wrong inside. Check with your doctor for further advice and assistance

(Aqua Veratri) 40 ml Tinctures is used in Europe. The herbal treatment for scalp hair which kills parasites like lice’s, and the other kind. It not only kills the parasites but also helps regrow healthy and beautiful hair.

Field Horsetail the mineral silica found in a horsetail supplement for hair growth doesn’t just promote the structural integrity of the hair it improves its sheen and texture as well. Selenium helps your body process iodine, which regulates hair growth (a deficiency in selenium, for example, can lead to slow or stopped hair growth herbal remedy.

Add half a cup of horsetail herb to a cup of distilled water and let it steep for an hour. Strain the mix and use it as a hair rinse. Use this hair rinse every time you take a head bath for a healthy hair growth

Oak bark

It is considered to be a unique organic hair product. Oak bark is well-known for its powerful astringent properties so it can strengthen the hair roots and stop the process of hair loss (alopecia). Oak bark is very popular in cosmetic products due to its tannin strengthen follicles of the hair to regrow more thick hair. It can work perfectly against brittle hair, excessive greasiness, and dandruff.
Freshen up with lemon and mixed with distilled water helpful for rinsing for oily hair

Apple cider vinegar for rinsing oily hair which removes residue from the scalp. One teaspoon of vinegar with a pint of water.
For dry hair better to rinse with a beer. It is healthy and promotes the healthy growth of the hair.

Make the mask at home for hair. What you will need coconut oil, rose hip oil, peppermint essential oil, add a little Castro oil. It could be 25 ml each of the quantity and essential oil 5ml mixed together and apply this mask on your hair. It helps to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Food and diet

The Immune System

Eat plenty of grains and fruits. Lean meat, fish low-fat dairy products. Drink healthy teas with lemon. Relaxing more, good sleep and exercises are helpful.

Headaches and Migraines

People experience quite often do to understanding various conditions that cause this pain. The more headaches have a woman in today society man experience much less. What you should know about these medical conditions. When a person has a pain in his head it usually appears when blood vessels constrict and then dilate which attacks the brain. Migraines also associated with inflammation of arteries covering of the brain. Several factors cause these triggers to appear. Headaches have a multitude of causes. The most common to recognize is a tension headache which develops as muscle tension spasm in the head, neck, and shoulders. It may also come from a chemical imbalance in the brain and other factors. When you experience fever, confusion, and stiff neck those serious signs then you need to see a doctor. Having the worst headache first time, or frequent and types of headaches are cluster headaches. Often a man who was a drinker, or smokers

The drugs help by numbing the nerve ending in the skin, tissues and the blood vessels that lead to the brain. Taking some aspirin, or pain-relieving drug that eases the pain. But you should not depend only on the drug which is not the best choice. Taking too much medication you can become addicted to the drug. The best way is to look for natural healing remedies to heal

Environmental -loud noises, strong odors, weather and air poisonings like gasoline and pollution’s

Hormonal-woman who having menstrual periods using supplements of estrogen, or contraceptive

Emotional level-anger negative one’s anxiety, stress

Dietary – food is the easiest way to control your headaches

You should avoid drinking artificial sweeteners, alcohol, and beer. For every person, these triggers for food can vary. Can be too sensitive for milk products like sour cream and aged cheese. Might could be some meats salted, dried and smoked. Sardines, pickled herrings the seasoning that you use every day. You might want to use two of those organic salt and black pepper might be the only choice for you which better. Others can’t tolerate like cocoa or chocolate. Nuts, seeds peanut butter and fruits like pineapple, red plums, and citrus fruits. You need to end the food that triggers migraines and headaches. Sensitivity to food and environment is a big problem when looking deeper into the roots what is the cause. Take to look to some blood work see a health care provider if you have a high blood pressure that causes headaches. It could be that you are allergic to some food you eat.

Cutting caffeine from the diet drinking some coffee and teas which contains caffeine. In case headaches come back you can take one cup of coffee and some aspirin. You may be able to constrict the dilated blood vessels by drinking coffee to prevent that pain. But if you can find the root of what it causes and eliminating it that you can heal. The allergy can be serious for having these headaches or migraines. It should pay attention to those early signs that you experience

What natural remedies you can use at home?

   Best Essential Oils for Skin Care 

Where you can get it the best products. The oils always are the best choice you can do for yourself today. It diminished your pain and headaches fast by massaging and talking to the point of your head, or the body. But you need to try for you. It works differently for everyone. I just love my oils whom I can trust 100 % pure made in the USA. There is a lot for everybody to get even just to try a sample. These lotions can take away pain from your body

Having a hot, or warm bath with some herbs, or essential oils. The tinctures can help too by massaging to a certain point to the head. You press with your fingers to certain points like acupuncture therapy. An ice pack or gel pack helps when putting on the head. Putting a towel underneath if you can hold the cold too much for more comfortable results. The woman who has menstrual cramps by taking Magnesium and vitamin C can sleep the pain Sleep it off the pain 

Lie down in bed and relax it calms down and ease the pain for a while when having a bad headache. Take a nap in a quiet dark room the best method to relieve the pain. Sleep always helps with tension and migraine headaches. Yet for cluster headaches can be worse than is a sharp pain

Can Music Affect Your Brain?

Going to sleep in bed trying to read, or listen to music can help to relax the mind. Doing some walking, biking or other activities you prefer can improve health. Likewise, walking in a fresh environment like a forest preserve, by the lake, or if possible, by sea. Swimming is a great activity too also can help relax the mind which leads less stress, or anxiety. The healing process can be a long process for someone. Taking the small steps toward healing and achieving your goals is worth you give to yourself. People stressed, or having high blood pressure should not exercise extreme physical activities. Instead, they should to what called good for the mind but not tired from hard work

Teas to drink

 Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea  

Fever-few a plant that can heal your headaches. It is safe to use the only people whose having heart problems should take into consideration since this herb can cause an upset stomach. Researchers support that drinking this tea you can have fewer headaches. It believed through ages it reduces the fever of headaches


Knowing how the blood circulates in your system checking blood pressure is important. When blood carries oxygen into blood vessels and having good flow there better chances that we heal. Sometimes needs to look further to the health problem but if you active and keep positive anything can happen when you believe. Positively is the goal of our success for healing. To tell you the story short from my life experience when we give to our patient a glass of simple water and told that you go to heal. Guess what happened, she healed because we told that this is the best medicine in the world. So, our thoughts and belief system we can heal itself by being simple happy and kind in our lives. The immune system can to a miracle for you at early stages. Sometimes we need to take more steps towards for chronic illness when you believe that you go to heal. Prayer also works for you to be positive and happy my friend

Wrinkles-How You Can Protect the Face?

When we do age through the time our skin change and wrinkles appear on face neck and some other body parts. Is depends on a lot of circumstances in life how much we exercise you do. What food you eat. What’s happens to the skin it loses elasticity. Is not enough firm and then why skin becomes loosen a little. Like a woman has cellulite on
the legs. Not like it use to was before when you were young. This could happen not to be eating enough food for skin missed some minerals or vitamins.

Are you sick and taking too much medicine?

When a person becomes sick you skin changes. The point is that more wrinkles appear from face and body expressions what we do in everyday life. Even woman knows a lot of information about how to take care of
youthful skin is still a big challenge to achieve. Without putting Botox to firm the skin, or some kind minor surgery. Those are kind risky procedures for health only professionals can do the best job possible. But woman ready to pay a big price to be attractive and youthful again. The missing collagen on the face makes the skin more sensitive to the
environment around you.

 How You can be youthful again?

Is there a natural solution for that. The answer yes it is but you need to know more about yourself what type skin you have? Is this skin oily, or dry? The oily skin have not much trouble getting in the sun it doesn’t age fast the way dry skin does. Applying everyday moisturizer another good thing to do. When buying a cream look for liposomes that
cream contains. The good fatty acids are similar to those us membrane cells from the skin. It could keep the skin smooth. Cleanser. Is like cleansing with natural waters and teas. There is a lot of ways that you can do to look better to yourself. Chamomile tea with aloe plant to cleanse and refresh face skin.

  • Stay Young adding vitamin E is very helpful in the face at night. A couple of capsules Vitamin E massaging to appear lips or face every night before you go in bed. Do it with fingertips gentle massaging to the face skin.
  •  Have a Happy Face
    You need more work on your facial expressions. More smile per day, and in a month, or two you will see good results. Looking to the sky like kissing the sun can strengthen not only the neck but also can help reduce the wrinkles. Do more facial exercises, love doing the masks. Aging cause some drying of the skin face and other parts of the body. Using high-quality organic soaps for the face and skin can improve the skin condition.
  • The food you have to eat?

The most important to keep the skin nice looking that food also makes a lot of difference in our life. Do you have enough all vitamins and ingredients in the menu? Do you know that Vitamin E, A all that face look gorgeous again? Lemon also has a good impact adding to you Tea. Spinach probably good and rich plant that makes skin glow

      The beach and vacations

You need to apply lotion with protection SPF 25-30 from Ultraviolet rays to protect the face from the peak of sunny hours. Going to the beach in the early morning and after 3 pm noon is a good idea for people with sensitive skin. Wearing a hat always useful advice for people who’re working outside, or garden.

        Plenty of masks

in the store to apply with mud to clean and open pores and refresh and clean the skin. You can make a facial mask at home. Cucumber mask adds slices of cucumber squeeze juice from it, egg white and small drops of fresh-squeezed lemon juice. It can ref-fresh and clean skin and then apply the moisturizer. Mixing everything in a small glass plate, or container. Another good tip is adding 1 tablespoon of rising, egg white, and lemon drops. Mixing everything. With a fork or a mixer applies to the skin and keeps for at least 10-15 minutes washing away. It makes skin smooth and fresh

 Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables

   Varieties of Fruits to Eat

For Vitamin A, C. Bread, and cereal, eggs for protein. Dark green vegetable for vitamin B. Seafood poultry grains for zinc. Cutting down animal meat if you have skin problems like Psoriasis. A lack of vitamin B causes skin look red. Dry and scaly. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes the skin to look yellow pale, or brown on the face and hands. Taking this group vitamins another good thing to do. Vitamins are important in a diet to look for skin young and beautiful again. Taking Omega-3 fatty acids may help reduce inflammation. Including fish in the diet helps restore the face and body skin. Eating at a regular time every day not have a heavy meal at night can benefit you.

 Is oil can help to heal facial skin and neck? 

  Best Essential Oils for Skin Care

Of course, applying oils when you have a dry skin good tip to do. Oils like Tea, Kemp oil mixing with other natural and organic oils. Try to look for organic and pure 100 % natural oils. But if oils are pure and organic you can apply to the skin without any harm. The always some allergies can appear. Test to yourself first if you are allergic. Apply oils on your palm of the hand and put on the wrist massaging gently to the skin. Wait for 20-30min longest one hour it doesn’t look pink, or redness that means you can use. Add some eucalyptus essential oil, or peppermint oil, Tea oils going to the steamy sauna in the sports club. Stress also cause damage to the skin trying calm down and looking for help how to avoid it.

Take good night sleep

Making eight hours to sleep overnight another good thing to do. Having a good habit like a good night sleep at night from next day performance better. Is good to take some Valerian’s roots natural remedies or Melatonin in small amounts. That what our brain needs to function without a good night sleep people especially older become
irritated and stressed out. Do not forget to use moisturizer daily