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Do you taking your Vitamin Supplement ?

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Is Your Health Important to You?

How many times you think that Im all right with my health and nothing is bother me. But there is maybe you do for instance, people think they live happy and  healthy lives until the red flag appear. It did happened the same to many of us if we not take into consideration those early signs enough anything could happen. Do we repeat sometimes by saying I will do it later and time will go by and your health conditions actually get worse?

When did you last time exercise?

Or when did you last time attended a swimming pool or fitness club? We know nowadays many people watching after ourselves very good. But some people are too busy with their lifestyles, like working too much. If you work all day in the office, or job that requires sitting all day long. We need to pay attention to these things early enough in order to stay healthy and have good health in our life ahead

What about Vitamins?

You might think I already feel so good, since I get everything with food, right I hear you. I was before like this until I did get sick, for sure and then started to pay more attention to what food I’m eating. The best vitamin supplement rich with minerals and everything you need a function in your life today. Is this food organic

Fresh Vegetables

That why I do know to make the right healthy choice today. I try to exercise daily, maybe is not much but you can choose your daily activities for yourself. Doing exercise at home, or taking a walk outside with your pet.

Everything is good making plan and schedule for yourself managing food menu,and sport activity. Be your own Doctor in reality life the only one person is responsible for your health is you. Take vitamins daily to have healthy and strong immune system Focus on Healthy You

Be Your own Doctor of your body everything you put into your mouth and how much energy you put in depends only on you Focus on Healthy you

Sounds familiar, oh yeah I know what you think. I was the same years ago but something happened to me when I got sick. Then boom I had a wake-up call that something is wrong with me and I have to change my style in life. When you change your mind toward the direction to your body it starts working like a clock.

According to the USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention { CDC }, your fitness should be divided in three times each week into 50 minutes, or 30 minutes every day. Also, there many healthy choices in life to choose like juice, making smoothies very good.

Did you take your greens in the morning, or do you making smoothies? If you give a very good boost in the morning and you feel energized for a whole day. Make your new your plans today

Follow these 10 steps today

Try to walk every day one mile, two

Eat organic food rich in vitamins and minerals

Exercise at home, or outside

Listen to good music it helps ease your mind

Have a good time with your family it makes you feel happy

Read books and watch less TV

Take vacation ones, twice per year

Talk to your friends and think positive

Change your mindset

Have a good night sleep

There are many people in the world today thinking they do so good in life. They do not need a lecture from a doctor or care provider. But as you know many people just simply don’t know what to do.

How to look beautiful, without following any diets

They manage to lose so much weight in order to look younger and the weight somehow gets back the way it was before. And in some cases I meant in your health history you think that everything looks good for you. Even if nothing works for you just feeling fine I trough out all my bad pills, or at least I reduce them. Some pills can help you for sure like especially for people who have long chronically illness

What I will tell you from my past experience, I really can give you advise. The most thing in my life was the same, I was struggling to feel healthy because I didn’t know what to do.  I started to question myself what I’m doing wrong. Whatever I tried to eat healthily, and try to lose my weight. I did everything and for my surprise, nothing was helping. I got back the same after 10 years trying. Don’t it sound familiar to everybody?

Let me tell you to my surprise than something really did change to this point the way I view overweight problem to myself. First I stop weighing myself, then I stop looking at the mirror. I have a girlfriend she was a Fitness Champion from Europe. She told me one secret and guess what I did listen to her advice because she was Fitness Guru Yes.

She knew how to look good, but what I find for myself it took me to the core. I did understand, what I have to do in order to feel good and healthy

The Best Vitamin Supplement

I knew from the start that I need fiber and Vitamin Supplement my body deserves the best. So I love my body and you should too, of course. I enjoy eating good food and taking my vitamins is the most important for my body.  Eating your fiber by getting it from organic food.

I notice one thing from my life I learn that in a hard way. I stop eating animal meat, yes. I thought I should try on my own, is this really going to help me? I still was eating fish and some chicken of course.

You can make a thousand good dishes and delicious meals from it. These are the best ingredients in your diet. Onion, garlic they can do so much for your food. Good antioxidants, rich in Magnesium, has Phosphorus and Vitamin C, Potassium 146 mg.

I never would recommend eating in a fast food Restaurant the best choice is to eat home-cooked food. I choose rare only in healthy organic food Restaurants. But just my opinion on that, everyone has favorite places to go and enjoy with the family, or friends

I just love drinking my hot tea. Earle grey Tea I loved especially with milk.   Do you know that in England they have not coffee time but the Tea time in the afternoon?

They do drink chamomile Tea, you could ask why they drink it, what is wrong with the coffee. Nothing wrong is just many people prefer tea over coffee

Do you know how much tea has good antioxidants, which can fight many diseases? Why so many people like Chinese like to drink hot tea after lunch and dinner. I adore also my Mint Tea hot cup in the evening. It just makes you sleep well and also helps for your stomach to feel calm

Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

What a healthy delicious fruits

What lovely choices you can make in your life today. It is never to late start your new day even you not young an elderly, or teenager. It really matters because your eating habits can really change your health, body and your energy too.

Nowadays people looking for something that they never heard before. I do truly have  to tell if you do follow those ten steps you will reduce weight, brings more strength and you feel happy and energized with your body as well

Live the Life You always wanted

Check on your doctor for follow up visits. How you do with your vital signs. What is your blood test will tell you? There are a lot of Pros and Cons. If you keep your health as a priority in your life this means you on the top of your world. You can do it by nutritionally balanced food intake.

Get good night sleep also another important issue in the world today. There are many tips on how to avoid it. Only exercises can reduce and even replace your bad sleeping patterns. Listen to good music before bed helps you fell asleep faster

 Love Eating Healthy Nuts

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    Thank you for good tips and pieces of advice. I truly highly recommend to others


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