Is Your Doctor Physical Effort?

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      What is Your Key to Healthy Lifestyle?

All people can be divided into a faithful and diligent, don’t take to heart but this is true. Troubles with the health they put on the other shoulder workmen trying to help themselves, eager to find out the true causes of the disease, only not everyone knows how. Eastern Wisdom to suit laziness, No one ever does nothing, that first of all did not satisfy their own needs

Walking on the Beach

Therefore, it is never worth to pass the unconscious of what you have the dearest lives and health. Without wasting time in anticipation of miracle healing, no one will care for you better than yourself. It is, therefore, necessary to give the will and determination to mercilessly get rid of our laziness to armed with our own knowledge and to seek out his way towards health. As the news is, what searches always finds. The Immune System-List of Vitamins

Nature has each of us endeared with protective powers that can preserve the health of our battles. Each person has a different reserve of spare powers. It depends on the age, place of birth, and time and upbringing, nutrition, etc. If we have some powers since birth, it is necessary to increase them significantly. It means to live in harmony with nature. Every day in our lives we have to be healed by a good doctor like mind, light, water, air, food, physical exertion, warmth and cold, fasting, sleep, rest, and even urine. Each of them is a good method if we use it properly and we get good results.

Living this movement

Physical loads are essential for us to be suitable for working heart, muscles and blood circulation and to remove waste toxins from the body. Orally, to increase the capacity of the body in the same and the energy How To Boost Your Energy ?

We must remember that along the spine the energy of the artery passes from the natural environment and distributed throughout the body. That the body must move to a properly absorbed person. The move useful is for everyone so old and young. Very much movement is required by an unhealthy organism What are Benefits of Internal Body Hygiene?-Intoxication

An unhealthy organism requires several dozen together for greater exertion than healthy. Those who are unhealthy in the heart’s circulatory system create a difficult rise in atmospheric pressure fluctuations that can change with the help of regular exercise.

It is possible that your body is so healed that it is no longer in fair of a magnetic storm, nor a change in atmospheric pressure and radiation.

A person needs to understand one truth that an active lifestyle not only protects health but also helps to get rid of many diseases. What prevents us from moving? This is the usual lazing of the muse.

Try a simple thinking stereotype of anything

I can’t make me a lack of time. Convince yourself that movement is your food to your musculature, brain, internal organs-food without which the body weakens is aging and sick. How to eat healthy learn more  Anti-Aging Diet

Healthy Walking

Walking is a king of aptly called physical exercise

It is enough when marching to put the palms on the body band at the moment and you will feel how muscles work in harmony together.

No special equipment for walking can be walked at any time and in any weather. Daily walk at least 1-3 kilometers perfectly stimulates the work of the heart and blood circulation. You can walk in the hallway or on the balcony if there are no other options. To go should be easy, free to put out not to think about affairs, work.

Think of just how blood is flowing through your veins and invigorates your body. When you take each step, think I’m healthy, strong, young, and I have a lot of energy. With a healthy walking, it is important that we do not bother over that the overload and tiredness we must feel lightness and freshness

Is Your Doctor Physical Effort?

  •  Walk 1-3 months from the 20-30 minutes of the day
  • Two times a day with a light notch
  • Walk  for 3-6 months
  • Increase the load by a fast notch from 1-3 kilometers
  • Walk later 6-12 months can be 4-10 kilometers daily

Healthy running Athletes, say they want to be strong, run away wanting to be healthy-run in if they want to be smart-run. Recovery of jogging strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reduces the level of blood pressure from bad cholesterol, Food That Lower Cholesterol- HDL-LDL the action of improves activity the stomach and intestines. Jogging is one of the most valuable means of increasing the body’s resistance to all kinds of infections as an excellent tool to regenerate and to be healthy.

However, there were many press news before the jogging, supposedly running can cause various heart diseases many and questioned its benefits. Many people have not understood how important it is to consider the capabilities of your body. The load needs to be increased gradually, frequently started jogging with the purpose of losing weight untrained organism got too high a load, so do not withstand.

Man has to bring up a sense of measure, so he must feel the measure of moderation everywhere by eating, drinking, and playing sports


What rules should you follow when running

  1. Wear shoes with a hard surface,
  2. Either in the early or loose better jogging earth or grass for a milder blow
  3. If you have not previously planned to combine the running of the track with a 30-60 meter, go, do not bother running the body.
  4. It is easy to relax, as much as possible by relaxing the muscles and losing it in a looser step.
  5. It is important not the fact of running itself, but the small bench in the entire muscle effort. The foot foot hits the ground the bloodstream raises the top. Such a massage strengthens the walls of blood vessels and together prevents the accumulation of cholesterol, and in joint salts.
  6. In order to sweat, you need to dress the warmer for better cleansing of the body.
  7. After jogging, you have to rest half the time in which you are running your feet out of the top above the heart. Such a body position will help prevent infarction mat 70% of the blood sloughs below the heart, it’s tough for her blood to pump up. Blood flow is activated as a result, you need to give your heart a rest. In the evening,
  8. It is advisable to run after 2-3 hours after meals
  9. Jogging must provide pleasure not to exceed severe monotonously You have tried to run individually each person’s physical capacity is different. These things lead to rapid and pace. Running with a group, a beginner flees too quickly and it can damage health.
  10.  Jogging every second day will be the maximum effect on the body.

Walking bare feet

Unlike other earth mammals, we walk on two feet and it is not accidental that a person is a battery of which piles are opposed. The upper part of the body and the head have a positive load on the lower part and the legs have a negative. So we get positive energy from space, and the earth is negative.

The higher the energy metabolism of the battle, the more resilient the body of the battle. A person can take energy to breathe properly by carrying out water and air-hardening procedures and through plant food. It must, therefore, seek maximum contact with water, air, and vegetation. Energy from the ground can be obtained by walking barefoot.

Hippocrates has said the best shoes are where is-no shoes. The estimate of the scientist in human feet is 70.000 nerve endings, so while walking barefoot massage the foot, and now everyone knows how positively affects the work of the entire organ. The foot shoes appeared, human connections to the electric Earth’s loads fell.

Here lies one of the main reasons why this has spread headaches, irritability, nervousness, coronary artery disease, and other troubles. As exemplary as we will give the Tibetan children a layman-year-round barefoot through cold, and rain on it is healthy and no epidemic diseases they do not touch.

In battle, the minds and grandparents did not have a fashionable beautiful shoe with artificial soles, almost all life-long-running barefooted was so healthier and more resilient than we did. Of course, a civilization forms the life conditions of our living battles, often although it is possible to find ways to change like putting the foot feet 2-3 minutes after the stream of cold water.

Guaranteed after such a procedure will help at least load your battery. Walking barefoot not only amazingly hardens, but in general, strengthens. This is prophylaxis of shoulder, sacral, hand and leg muscle pain which arise in women who like to wear high-heeled shoes. Such shoes impede the blood flow of the legs, denotes the muscles of the lower leg and foot for high tension and rapid fatigue. Elegant women sacrifice all because of their beauty, but the cost of their health.

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