Fever and Flu-How You Can Treat at Home?

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     How You can treat flu at home?

When we catch something like cold, or flu we say no not again. Well, this happened quite often especially for some children and older adults. On average adult catches a cold, or flu-like symptoms two-four times a year. Children 6-10 times a year and sometimes more. Isn’t there that you can do from coming so recently? Yes, you can.

See when viruses at work and when we interact with that person, we get that virus. There are two common ways to get cold and flu. Through the air and when we touch, kiss, shake a hand, or simply its travels like an infection. Is someone sneeze’s the nose, or have a bad cough it’s spread bacteria through the air. There are many kinds of the virus as we know to exist and some might we get when we travel for instance to other countries

What the symptoms are?

You have a bad headache, sweating and high temperature are common. Although, temperatures 98.6 to {37.0 C} considered normal it still can vary one over a day. In the afternoon can reach 99.5{37.5C} for example and if the person reaches 100.5 {38.0C} we call it high fever. Although, it depends on also from the weather and clothing.

From hot weather, we can have a high temperature too, or having so much heavy clothing on the body. Fever it not an illness but rather a symptom of the problem, or an infection. It depends on the cause of what you experience such a sweating, shivering, thirst, vomiting diarrhea.

The fever alone does not require treatment it could be treated naturally. Lowering medication it acetaminophen, or aspirin can be effective. Aspirin should not be given to the children to 18 years old during the viral infection without doctor’s approval it increases the risk of developing Reye’s syndrome it potentially life treating disease which affects the brain and the liver.

The typical cold lasts about a week and includes runny nose, sore throat, coughing, and mild fever. And if you get up in the morning with nausea after eating fish last night and vomiting it not stomach flu it actually a food poisoning. Yes, it true how we can treat ourselves by helping keep our immune system healthy and strong

Custom Keto Diet

Following a healthy diet and food in rich nutrition’s, we can beat all infections and diseases. We should able to get five to seven servings a day of fruits and vegetables. But it’s true that the average American simply does not follow the diet regularly. So, what you can do about it? Supplements are your best solution to fix the weak immune system.

Do you taking your Vitamin Supplement ?

Take Vitamin supplements these are vitamins you want to include in a daily dose?

  1. B vitamins {thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid}
  2. Calcium
  3. Magnesium
  4. C Vitamin
  5. Selenium
  6. Chromium
  7. Zinc
  8. A Vitamins

By taking these vitamins look for the label when purchasing the vitamins that these you want to look for. It could help you improve your immune system and overall keep you out of infections ones and for all.

What are other methods?

When you have a fever it just simply you lose a lot of fluid also through sweating. Drink plenty of water and natural Teas flashing out bad bacteria from the body to avoid dehydration. At least eight glasses are preferable in a day. Our immune system has miraculous protection against any bacteria it repairs by itself.

If diarrhea occurs have a bread toast, rice and bananas can help. The rice it good to use it that can stop diarrhea. Cook rices in water the mixture should be loosened a little liquid rice water left to eat works the best, or thick it whatever you prefer. It should not look like soup. Broth of chicken or beef and eggs are recommended

Stay at home

Avoiding crowds because the infection spreads fast. Get some rest in bed it important. Sleeping over the flu it essential to everyone gaining the strength back. If you go to work it weakens the immune system and sometimes takes longer to heal. If possible, the faster you heal the sooner you come back to work. Because in some cases people going sick to work and than they cannot heal eventually it prolongs the flu.

I used to have every year my sore throat and flu now when I change my diet, just do not have any more flu and cold. I even don’t have no more flu shots. Well, it’s up to you how you prefer it your choice to make it. You can have a mild one cold that you can treat simply with Hot tea Chamomile tea with honey.

Linden Blossom Tea 

Another tea which can lower the body temperature without any medicine through sweating.When you sick, you don’t have much appetite so, in this case, cook rice soup with milk and raisins added. It tastes good and brings you on the feet fast. Also, other soups like chicken with vegetables, or any kind of broth.

These depend on individually but everything you eat helps to heal those bad days. But if you have a good appetite than you have the mild flu and it heals much faster. The food what we eat it important to raise the body energy which it vital for healing.

Have some medicine

You can take acetaminophen it lowers the temperature and headaches if you have. Ibuprofen eases the pain but should not use too often for the side effects. The flu usually worsens the body in the afternoon and in the evening. Homeopathic medicine it very helpful in case you needed and you can buy at Walgreen’s ask a pharmacist because Antibiotics it stronger medicine compare to homeopathic medicine but simply doesn’t kill viruses. However, if you feel weakness longer period and dont heal see your Doctor you might have something else that needs medical care.

Simply being a clean


Washing your hands more often would a priority when you sick. Cleaning your hands when in a public place with alcohol 70% it kills germs, or any kind another devise. Keep with yourself balsam for your lips to moisturize at hand. Having a little disinfection, a home would be great washing floors with a little Clorox added, or any kind killing bacteria device. Ironing your clothes with a hot iron, or in hot drier would be preferable.

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