What is Fiber?

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     Why fiber beneficial in a Diet?

Anybody could answer to this question but not everybody knows hows how much to use it. The thing is, everyone uses the correct amount what is recommended.
Fiber is part of fruits, vegetables, and grain the cant digest. Soluble fiber dissolves easily in water and becomes soft like gel in the intestines. Insoluble fiber can dissolve in water. Most plants have both types of amount soluble and insoluble. What you buy in your stores called dietary fiber includes everything in one. Although there is no correct way for measurements according to labs can vary  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dietary_fiber

The recommendation from Nutritionists is 30-35 fiber grams daily. But most Americans use less than need today. In Western countries, Europe tends to use more fiber about 60 grams a day. You would much healthier with a higher amount of fiber. A healthy diet usually describes eating less fat, red meat, eggs, potato ships. Besides the same diet could have more value if you add more fiber.

Fiber is beneficial for many reasons. High fiber foods are beneficial because they are in fewer calories and low fat. Foods which are rich in fiber are high in antioxidants such as beta carotene and vitamin C can protect against common diseases

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  • Constipation and hemorrhoids the fiber intake is adequate, laxatives would seldom be required. Fruits such as apples, sweet potatoes, barley and pinto beans. No one knows exactly how insoluble fiber can protect against such colon cancer. But studies have proven that moving foods faster from the system can lessen expose of the colon walls to carcinogens. Also, suggests that fiber reduces bile acids in the intestines as well as bacterial enzymes like protecting these walls from harm.
  • Diverticulitis This condition happens for older people over the age of 60-80. But this disease now becoming younger over 40-50 age for most Americans. The condition that causes tiny pouches to form within the colon wall. It’s called diverticula, or diverticulitis in Latin. When pouches become the fool of food and its trap cause inflammation. Can cause abdominal pain that you may even not know where it comes from. It feels like symptoms of back pain. That why its recommend at least in 5-10 year perform colonoscopy procedure. When you have been diagnosed with this illness early, following diets rich in fiber foods the best option to prevent any other problems occur. You need to avoid eating certain small seeds like blueberries, and strawberries. Those helpful tips to avoid traps in the pouches that can cause infection. The best fiber foods such as peas, spinach, and corn.
  • Heart attack and strokes the soluble fiber in food like oat-meal, oat-bran, okra. Fruit pectin such as grapefruit, oranges, and apples helps eliminate much of cholesterol from your arteries. Reducing saturated fat such as fatty meat, whole milk, and cheese. This could prevent such clogging your arteries and cause of heart attack and stroke. Healthy diet and exercise help to lose weight. These are the best tips to lower your bad cholesterol {LTD }
  • Impotence You probably never knew that navy beans, Brussels sprouts, zucchini squash can improve your sexual love life. These are rich in fiber vegetables helps maintain the blood flow in every part of your body. Cholesterol affects our blood flow in our system and by lowering it unplugs our vessels. These beans can beneficial protein which helps improve potency.
  • Diabetes some dietitians suggested that soluble fiber improves control of blood sugar and can reduce the need for insulin. Eating food like whole grains rather than refined carbohydrates. Like dark bread, whole wheat crackers, grain muffins are good choices.
  • Appendicitis keeping your bowel movements soft. Fruits like apricots and peaches have a good taste for keeping you safe against threats. The best to use for everyday basis Metamucil since it has ingredient Psyllium. Also, you can look at labels on any other kind Psyllium like organic.

Avoid gas promoting foods the primary cause of flatulence is that the digestive system can absorb certain carbohydrates. Starting off small dose of fiber that could be the key. Stay out of lactose from eating dairy foods. If you like to drink milk at least choose organic 2% less fat, or replace it with almond milk, coconut milk. Take active charcoal to eliminate gas. It is proven medically that helps to clean your colon.

Even, some of the Nutritionists believe in fiber can help to treat cancers disease. The most proper way they still argue consume with animal fat and fiber can do much. But if you eat a healthy diet with legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables definitely can help you become healthier. Including much fiber, you can achieve the most desirable results for your health  Whole-grain cereal tops it with apples, raisins, sliced bananas. Eat your vegetables raw like carrots, celery sticks, or use it for your salad menu

Keep on snack time for lunch eat skins of fruits, and vegetables. Like dried fruits are so tasty and healthy. Use a brown rise for your diet the best rise unprocessed like grains, couscous.
Add beans to your menu to prevent from gas soak the beans before you cook but don’t cook in the same water. Rinse and replace the new freshwater.

Is it fiber safe? Conclusion

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Although, if you eat more of fiber can cause bloating, gas, diarrhea, and cramps caused by fermentation of fiber and sugars in the colon. This nothing serious to worry about because bacteria in your system can absorb for fiber increase. In this case, you need to include fiber foods gradually. High fiber foods have tended to the ability to lessen certain minerals to absorb into the body. Consider taking some rich food in minerals like zinc, iron, and magnesium.

This could be a risk for those who have a poor diet and they can experience mineral deficiency. You should not rely only on fiber supplements. Your diet should include more vegetables and fruits. Whole grains and cereals, legumes and minerals. Be sure to drink plenty of water is this a very important part of keeping a healthy diet. Nothing can harm you by diet if you keep rich in nutritious food, fruits, and vegetables in balance. But there are so many benefits to eating raw vegetables

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