Herbs that Heals Your Body

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          What is the key for longevity? 

The people were long-living hundreds or even older that we learn through our history of years ago. People have encountered during that period painful historical events like wars and depression. This brought some bad diseases and infection which was hard to deal these times. We all believe through our life that that aging makes us feel sick and our health declines as a result. They no longer will live life is they enjoy, or worse they will live spending being sick in bed. But this is not what you want to believe when you age?


Do you know one quote from bible help yourself and God will help

They knew how to live, and what to eat. Why the peoples who live in villages and farms have longevity and good eating habits. They were happier and healthier. They do not have everything like the people living in today’s society. But do you know the health secret that your health key is in your hands? The way you think, the way you react to some diseases when it’s appeared. Learn more

The Anti-Aging Secret-Nutrition

 How you can spend time ⌚?

For instance, playing golf, meeting with your friends, or walking because you can. There are some herbs who can help you heal faster. People knew which herbs that heals-your body. They believe in herbal therapies  Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea it cannot correct years for your body. But for those who believe leading a successful lifestyle, herbs may promote longevity. In most cases, if we choose healthy herbs it can help to heal our bodies.

What food 🍲 is healthy?

Keep in mind also pros and cons some people can eat a couple of piece of garlic it is actually can fight infection for your body. Also, can decrease blood clotting time in your blood if you have a heart problem. But if you take blood thinners for the heart diseases What is the Types of Heart disease? you cannot eat garlic us you know, what herbal therapy does to your body seed the right amount and proper was

Pine Tree

It is safe to use a tea or a tincture. The fresh shoots dried leaves{needles} bark and resin used. The resin used also in dentistry and for food beverages in industry. You can pick up fresh shoots, and bark and leaves as needed in spring and used for teas. You might want to be careful with the bark since you don’t want to damage the tree. The best is to do in autumn, or in the fall sap and resin can be collect by drilling a small hole in the tree. Yet, use caution by catching in the basket trying not damaging the tree. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pine 

What is Balsam fir, Canada balsam ?

When you preserve use dry roots only, do not remove all the bark from a tree is these actions can damage the tree. Cut the bark in small pieces and spread on a tray to dry. Leaves you can use the same instructions as for regular herbs by drying. Then resins may be stored in a clean dark jar until ready to use. Leaves after drying process are complete store in dark jar too. Try to avoid over-drying as they can be too brittle from the sunlight. You can make a tincture 5 to 20 drops tincture with a small amount of water and use it.

Making a tea 2 to 6 tablespoons of leaves, or bark in one cup of boiling water. The safety is considered safe and in effect when use needles and twigs. Also, if used in proper dosages do not have damaging effects on the body. This is the whole story about how pines and trees have invaluable healing powers to your body. Only by walking in the park with plenty of pines trees can improve your breathing if you have lung problems. It gives your body so many benefits. It cleans and repairs your lungs from chemical damages, from the air we breathe

Calendula officinalis    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calendula anti-inflammatory and antiseptic purpose. This herb heal for bleeding problems such as Gastroenterology illness, gastritis. It can help to cure stomach problems like duodenal ulcers and wounds. Also, calendula use for menstrual problems for women. It can reduce heat in the body and lover temperature through sweating. It works like a miracle medicine if you believe in natural herbs. From my life experience, I witness for myself how much it helped to heal my friend’s wounds. Dried flowers heads are used for inflammation internally and externally

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