How Can You Treat Anxiety?

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What’s is on Your Mind? 

Depression is a mood disorder of a feel what may cause by losing the interest of enjoyment on everything. These could last at least for two weeks. It could be associated with other mental and physiological symptoms. Those two conditions have a sequence link between Anxiety and Depression. Person’s ability to think about to an event itself, or situation we perceive that.People do have an” anxiety ” as an encompasses a range of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Anxiety disorder is influenced by psychological, biological, and genetic factors. People do have an” anxiety ” as an encompasses a range of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Anxiety disorder is influenced by psychological, biological, and genetic factors. The answer not so simple nor completely clear.How Can You Treat Anxiety? 

 This is event threatening for the individual, how much fear it evokes them is likely to cause anxiety. The people with panic attacks usually see that event as dangerous even is not. They experience rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, sweating or other physical changes. That actually can be the serious condition of a heart attack.

Needless, to say some could miss these serious signs thinking that is a panic attack. As a result, they would try to avoid in future these attacks. They start avoiding other things and situations of this future panic attacks in life. For example, some people have fear of public speaking, or has a phobia of height 

What is Fear? 

 The brain receives a signal of a treat. The signal that goes to two different parts of a brain. One goes to the cerebral cortex {our center of thinking} and another signal goes straight to amygdala {small like almond} deep inside your brain. The amygdala reacts as a response being activate, so the stress hormones are released into the blood. Glucose pours into our blood system where we store our energy supplies what is necessary for our protection. 

What is Depression?

In speaking, we need to control some types of dysfunctional behavior that the person’s brain does. People reacts to some situations in life which is not as dangerous about. To help the individual need to watch his reactions the way he perceives the world and control it. You can overcome fear by doing small steps by step moving forward in order overcome your fear 

Anxiety disorder  

May reflect the imbalance on the chemical levels into transmitters. These are nerve cells which are call neurons they communicate with each other. Neuron activates electric signal which travel through the cell body down to a fiber. The branch fiber is call axon. The sending neuron may not release enough neurotransmitter, or it may reabsorb to soon before it delivers the message. There are several neurotransmitters which have an important role in anxiety 


Regulate mood, sleep, appetite, and sexual drive. If there too law of these hormones has links to experience anxiety and depression. Nor-ephedrine Helps regulate sleep, and blood pressure. Excess of this hormone could lead to anxiety. Eat healthy food to enrich your good mood back with rich vegetables and fruits in fiber and protein and many nutritious vitamins


Low dopamine may result in anxiety gamma-aminobutyric acid inhibits the firing of neurons. Yet, this is a big puzzle to solve how the brain works in human and a whole long topic to talk about it. The scientists and doctors trying to resolve that issue. By prescribing some helping medicine to a patient. This is a complicated system and break down too often. The professional only sees you for a short time but the family member may know better your condition.

What red flags are?  

  1. For yourself from time to time talk to your Doctor 
  2. Enlist the help from supportive family
  3. Being a perfectionist 
  4. Setting to the high standard for yourself 
  5. Self-critical or being on the edge
  6. Break down too often
  7. Getting tired more 
  8. Feeling distracted, or mentally out
  9.  Worrying about all activities and events
  10. Having struggled or fallen asleep
  11. Waking up tired after all night sleep 
  12. Taking simple news badly as catastrophic 

The good news doesn’t have to be this way seek treatment with friends. Keep in the current crisis as perspective now is worse before it becomes better. You think now is not the best situation in your life. By repeating too often in your mind you going to do it better. These are some benefits for how you can help yourself 

Insomnia-How To Treat Naturally? 

Sweet dreams  

Going to bed every day at the same time is goal number one and getting up the same time. 

Spending quite a time for one hour and a half before bed 

Exercise but not before bed at least two hours before bed 

Avoid taking naps during day time 

Go to another room if you do not fell asleep after 30 minutes 

Sit quietly no TV, or computers read something after 20 minutes 

Return to bed do this often as needed until you fell asleep 

Change your thoughts to positive ones

Student receives a bad grade do not think you stupid 

I’ll never get to the University you going to fail 

I didn’t do as well as I wanted but this just one test 

You going to be well, you smart 

It’s okay not to be perfect 

It’s all right to make mistakes 

You can handle being wrong 

That thought isn’t helping you right now 

You have done the best what you can and that good enough 

Make it time to take a break 

I feel like I want to go for a walk 

Do you want to join me? 

By changing positive thoughts, we feel happier and we actually can succeed. We have the power to heal it by itself the way we think and have our emotions. It is so important to understand your body in full. How it functions and how our brain works. Do you know that our energy can heal our all body in whole naturally by changing your lifestyle and food that we eat?  7 Benefits of Fruits-Fructose

After years go by, we become those people accustomed this kind of power odds self-protection and more and more difficult to change. Our consciousness always focused on weakness and that why we can’t recover.Taking small steps on your own pace and healing and always let them know that your love is limitless  

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2 thoughts on “How Can You Treat Anxiety?”

  1. This post is really impressive,very detailed information.I have been gone through the depression phase in my life and sometimes I call that period the darkest period of my life. But I took proper and regular treatment, increased my activities, stopped being lonely and increased social activities as long as I did these things the better,I felt. Never ever separate yourself from friends and family because this is the first thing happens in a depression. You like to be alone and if you would get lonely, you will never become able to overcome this depression.

    • Hi Sara,

      Yes,I do agree with you that having activities and loving family is the most important thing in life. Nevertheless, through my lifetime, I learn to be happy even I was lonely many years. When my parents pass away, I felt very lonely looking for support from friends since the home was far away from where I’m living in the USA.
      I go through depression and a lot of my close friends turn away from me. When you become sick many people don’t want to see you like this. So, I have left somewhat I called real friends who here for you no matter what happens with you.
      As for my surprise, I become stronger than ever with my prayers to God, I knew there is something better in your life when you believe. As of today, I find a so-called new passion, new friends who are here for you to support. I like one quote” We born in one day, we died in one day, we can change our lives in one day” I appreciate your comment. Don’t hesitate to ask something.
      I’m here to help Gods healing and blessings!!!
      Thank you, take care


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