Medical and Cosmetic-Natural-Recipes

Medical and Cosmetic-Natural-Recipes

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    What is Natural Recipes for home?

Tooth –powder make vegetable charcoal by burning slices of the bread to charcoal

Pound to the black slices into a fine powder. The flavor of a few drops of oil peppermint of clove, or rosemary. Brush the teeth with this morning and night using a soft brush and water.

Tooth powder-stain remover

Sage leaves and common sea salt rubbed together then baked until hard. Pound into a fine powder rubs the teeth with this every morning and evening. This will take away all yellow film and stains many Swiss peasants clean their teeth rubbing with the sage leaves.

Tooth-paste Vanilla flavor

Vegetable charcoal powdered one-ounce white honey 🍯 clover honey

One-ounce vanilla sugar one-ounce, Peruvian bark {quinine bark} a half ounce on, and few drops of any essential oil, such as peppermint a drop of tincture of Lavender.

The Vanilla sugar you can be made by triturating rubbing to a powder a teaspoon of saturated tincture of vanilla with an ounce of icing sugar, and drying mixture by employing a gentle heat. Mixed the powdered ingredients and blend with the honey and the flavorings. Press into a glass pot and use it on a toothbrush

Tea Tree Oil

Treatment for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this oil helps fight off acne and blemishes, diminishes appearance of scarring and dark spots, and helps regulate the secretion of sebum. Dilute a couple drops into your favorite cream or moisturizer can get it cheapest price at

Cleansing Cream for the face and hands

Sweet oil of Almonds three ounces, white wax half of ounce, lanolin one ounce, rosewater one ounce, oil of jasmine ten drops, oil of rose geranium ten drops, or other flower oils can be used such as lavender, rosemary, orange blossom. Beat all together with the white wax and lanolin, in a double boiler. Beat hard again, adding almond oil, slowly blend rose water. Remove from the heat new warm mixture add the floral oils, drop by the drop. Pour into a jar to set do not use a plastic container.

Complexion Lotion {Elder blossom}

Heat slowly a handful elder blossoms in half-pint buttermilk or cheese whey. Do not beat above warm new-milk warm keep on the heat for thirty minutes, or so until blossom softens remove from the heat and allow steeping for 3 hours. Reheat add an ounce of white honey. Use cold ❄ to apply for to face, neck and hands cool softens and cleanse the skin.

Eye Lotion {Cucumber} From a six slice of fresh cucumber squeeze the juice add two tablespoons a whey and apply to the eyes internally and externally. If whey not available, the cucumber juice can be used neat. It cools, softens inflamed eyes tones and membranes of the eyes.

Face Lotion

What causes Face Wrinkles?Youthful- skin

Cucumber mixed with lemon drops and eggs white it can work like anti wrinkle remedy and strengthens the face.

Hair Tonic

Cut a handful of sage leaves and the tops of the same quality of rosemary. Place in a pint 🍺  of cold water and bring slowly to the boil. Simmer for three minutes keep covered throughout. Remove from the heat and allow steeping for three hours. Do not strain, merely pour the required quantity for massaging into the scalp and hair every night. The lotion can be improved by adding ten drops of rosemary oil, or not synthetic natural ea-de-cologne can be added. Tones the hair, improves color, removes scurf

Hair-grow oil 

Best Essential Oils for Skin Care

Willow Maidenhair fern

Take a handful each of willow leaves and maidenhair fern and heat them slowly into a half-pint of any of vegetable  oil, with three cloves have been tossed. Heat gently, by standing the container in hot water over a low flame. Keep on the heat for one hour. Do not stain this until is cold. Then strain and pour into a glass jar or clay crocks. Massage the scalp with the herbal oil every night.

Spirits of a Lavender Tonic lotion

A few drops can be taken internally on a loaf of sugar on the nervous ailment and mental depression. Dried lavender flower 🌸 two tablespoons, one grated nutmeg, two teaspoons of cinnamon, sweet Cecily leaves if available one teaspoon. Pulverize all ingredients, mix well together. Add quart pure alcohol let the mixture stand and steep for 10 days and then strain of and bottle. Excellent applied on clothes wrung out in cold weather, and placed over the forehead, to allay headache, soothe the fevers

Queen of Hungary water

Follow the same recipe as of spirits of lavender but using the tops and flowers of fresh rosemary instead of the dried lavender using the double of the amount and emit the sweet Cecily leaves.

Pot Pourri {Provence} gather as many as possible of the following kinds scented flowers

  • Petals of the pale, red and dark red roses
  • Moss roses and Damask roses 
  • Acacia
  • Pink heads of  violets’
  • Lily of the valley
  • Lilacs of blue and white
  • Orange blossom
  • Lemon blossom
  • Mignonette
  • Heliotrope

Narcissus and Jonquils

With a small proportion of the flowers of balm, rosemary, thyme, and myrtle. Spread them all to dry and when they become fully dry put them in a tall glass jar, with alternative layers of coarse salt mixed with powdered orris root {use two parts of salt to one of orris}. Pack the flowers and salt –orris until the vessel is filled. Close the jar for one month, then stir all up and moisten with sufficient amount rose-water to penetrate at the lowest layer. Cap with a muslin cloth tightly tied, and use in cotton bags to scent linen closet and paper.

Scented powder

Take one pound of most scraped from Oak trees is used to treat the wounds found commonly on Oak Trees. Reduce the most to a powder after well drying. Add a half-pound of the common starch. Take also all to reduce a powder of calamus root one ounce, Cyperus one ounce

Rotten oak-wood powder one ounce, cloves a half-ounce mix well. Cyperus is a perennial rush like plant related to papyrus and mariscus.

Lotion for fragrant Breath

Take one pint of a cherry vine and in this add an ounce of powdered cloves, grated nutmeg half-ounce of ground cinnamon and bruised caraway seeds. Place in pint flask and allow standing for three days shaking the mixture in morning and night. Finally, strain the mixture through the cloth and add ten spirits of the Lavender

A few drops of this wine 🍷 mixture taken on a loaf of sugar will give a fragrant breath. A few drops added to water to make an excellent gargle.

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