What are Benefits of Internal Body Hygiene?-Intoxication

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          What are the Benefits of Internal Hygiene?

About outside body hygiene we all know, but do we think about internal hygiene inside our body.Each of us has a car and we take care of the engine by changing constantly expensive ointments, and we keep it clean outside and inside.

Does your body hygiene is poor?

While it is many, it does not even cleanse the body contaminated over 40-50 years. Nature is so organized our body, that the cells born and dies at the same time almost equal to the body of the organism. The contaminated body promotes diseases and aging faster


The body consists of a cell that has a smooth range from a homogeneous organism which has two openings. One is adapted to eat the food and the other is for elimination. If excretion disrupted for some reason cells die. Human organism consists of billions of such cells and when disruption occurs this causes disease and even death. Very little
people know that through time the thickness of the intestine is accumulated almost from 7-15 pounds of stool stones. That means from the stools deposit sediment from undigested food you eat otherwise known as an organism waste

What Food it cause?

Protein-Meat, fish, eggs

Carbohydrates-Bread, honey, candy, potatoes

Fat – oil,butter ,grease

Vegetable Products-vegetables, fruit, juices

The digestive process starts already in the mouth while consuming the plant product, and protein, fat begin with the stomach. So it’s enough to eat potatoes and the meat will be a problem for digestive. For potatoes maybe it will be enough to digest about 3 hours, and the meat might need from 3 to 7 hours. It does not even come no one head that food is digested
differently. We do waste energy unnecessarily by eating heavy dinners, or lunch instead of to combat diseases. A man is like that viable tree and has roots as a kind of plant. And if you get a good meal it’s like getting fertilizer to a plant in the soil. These roots are blood vessels that give to us all the necessary and valuable nutrition. Each individual roots group is nourished separate organs in your body

And what happens to the undigested food, well it is disdain, or get down on the intestine wall. Protected waste can survive live there 36C temperature is not hard to imagine. So it is likely to be the case that in such a place there will be no new healthy cell forming after such a non-peculiar layer. Such a system of the body releases the toxins from
the blood by poisoning the whole body and organs. Then perk such a conclusion if you are sick of one organ that means the whole organism is sick. Therefore, when we treat one of the parts of the body not very much because we only subdue one problem, the rest of the body will become ill. Thus, a contaminated system from such waste. In what
sequences for human happens as a result of the loss of breath, the liver, kidneys and other uncomfortable problems.

Decreased small intestine inaccessibility causes the blockage, males are squeezed by the secret and genital organs. Especial suffers vent-hole then occur nodules, tubers, or the man has hemorrhoids. In other words when intestine in the last stage of cancer it blocked the channel, which often needs to die from the poisonous organism.

Detoxification -why is needed?

The Best Way to Cleanse Your System

The intoxication of the organism is the most insidious of the enemy,it also poisons and flies to the blood. Even the ancient the wise man,and the Tibetan monks knew this. They had a knowledge of the secret long-term that the intestine must be solid and tidy. Unfortunately, Doctors no Gods?

There is no secret that 60% of the world’s population has hard-moving stools and them in need of a laxative. So let’s try to understand the cause of the problem in the world?

You need to understand the very important thing, that all the diseases you get to come through the mouth. And no one can help, even the Doctors who try any of the perceived methods and drugs to help their patient, but if the man does not understand the most important thing,help yourself in the place where the dog’s pendant is.

Our food ration consists of flour, starch, products that saturated fat and sugar. Protein products meat, smoked, fermented, dairy products.The body is no longer able to inhabit everything, the waste of food lives in a very cozy and warm habitat by releasing the metabolism poison of the substance Toxins. During the period, the body is poisoned by such food that we eat.

The causes and Conclusion

Such results In the first place if you are eating very high-calorie food when you do not have time to eat just a dry sandwich with tea, or coffee with water. You do not really want to go to the bathroom soon because you do not get hungry and there will be no need to make sure to retrieve the amount of food that has come to the system.

The habit to drink large quantities of coffee and teas. Bread and cakes consume a lot of flour when the product is almost not eaten with the vegetable origin. That why is important to consider about the diet to follow but do we really eat the right way?

1-7 Benefits of The Keto Diet

Colonic Acidifies Micro-flora

The thick intestine contains over 500 of bacteria. In the healthy intestine, those bacteria process the food-producing residue, killing the disease-causing bacteria that also produce the body’s own vitamins,hormones, ferments {enzyme’s}, amino-acids.

Even if we do not interfere with at least one of these bacteria can cause self-health complication. The use of big quantities in the protein of animal origin in the intestine in the process of rotting processes. Therefore, it releases a gas called Methane, which destroys B group vitamins. The purpose of these bacteria is very self-esteem for the

What is Fiber?

The intestine is your own – Health Protector

If your Intestine is healthy then you do not fair of any disease. Nature gives to the human body with a powerful defense system

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