The Benefits of Antiquities Spices

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What are the most common spices we use?


To be able to be aware of the quality of life, we must remember to make it with spice, i.e., black pepper,cardamom
cinnamon, cloths, mustard, red peppers, hornets, ginger, and salt. These products are used to eat or post-meal stimulates appetite and helps digestion.Spices are good to take in extreme cold time they are particularly useful for the enhanced age of scouting and for all those where the boil is poor. It is possible to get a bit of ground ginger for meals and teas. Ginger is perhaps the most suitable means for strengthening digestion.The Benefits of Antiquities Spices

   Antiquities spices

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Were considered as gold small quantities have improved the activity of the boil and the quality and the spread of food. Our digestion with the age is weakened with the only way we remember how the former can eat all. Now only the stomach is more often only complicated when the digestive tract is strep. Poor cooking is the source and cause of the whole disease. If everything goes well with your stomach and digestion, you just get all the food you need to regenerate the cells.

How to Repair a Weak Immune System?  

  Variety of the spices



Fennel seeds

These comes wild fennel that grow abundantly throughout the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and pints east. Fennel seeds taste of licorice, of nuts and depending on upon species, they may be mild, or sharply bitter. The French’s, Portuguese and Italians mix fennel seeds into a variety of sausages. The Spaniards ferment them with the other herbs, after a liquor sipped after dinner. And in Indian restaurants as well in any other Italian restaurant  in this country saucers and fennel are set up as digestives. And they do seem to make incendiary curries more easily.

Safflower seeds

They look a little like a corn kennel, or perhaps small pine nuts. And like a pine nuts they extremely oily. The oil pressed from a safflower seeds is classified as a drying oil meaning that the air dries into a thin elastic film. Such oils are used in the manufacture of paints, soaps and varnishes but safflower oil also edible.

Sage  Which Types of Fish is Rich in Omega-3?

The sage its lemony, salty, and musky flavor makes it possible to cut down on salt. Sage pumps up the flavor of such bland foods as chicken, turkey, and veal. It’s very good for stuffing’s just a spring, or pinch added to a pot of potatoes, corn, polenta, or rice does wonders to our cooking.

Safrole Sassafras albidum

A phenolic compound that accounts for 80% of the aromatic oils extracted from sassafras bark and roots and once was imparted a licorice flavor to root beer and other soft drinks. It also presents in some extent in nutmeg and star anise.

 Salt  https://en.

Yes, some of them can harm your health. Example salt it very good spice to use. But if you use too much then it could harm your body, like having high blood pressure also can affect your kidney. Besides, you can also experience arthritis problems. Do you know what is better for you to eat organic salt with iodide?

It is so important to keep your lungs and bones stronger. Why people who live by sea they walk by the ocean, or the sea which has so much iodide they stay healthier and this is true. We need to take into consideration when you cook and use your salt. Try not to overuse a lot of food has an already good taste better to use less than more. Physicians also recommend not adding extra salt to your dishes. It is only when you cook or preserve.

Black pepper

Consider a good spice like a white fruit made from the vine it is good to use the way we use salt Coriander God spice for digestive problems, the greens are used fresh. It contains a lot of vitamin C people like to use for drinks.

Cloves- Clove oil

It used for home remedies such as a mouth wash, toothpaste. From the cloves, we can make cakes, or sweets also us flavoring ingredient in vine industry.


Is a hot spice family is used in Middle Eastern like blends for chili 🌶 curries and hummus what we like to eat it is so healthy? Ginger Popular in Asian dishes and in Western deserts. We all know what is Ginger ale, or gingerbread. Is a good remedy for drinks, and teas? It helped cure stomach problems and works as an antiseptic. Better to make on your own at home since in-store, where you buy so much artificial sweetens, are already. Should you buy organic drinks from the store


These are good spices to have at home. People from Europe many years was used to cure for pain, lungs diseases for children. Nowadays a lot of European people using still today for congestion.


It very much belief that cinnamon can help lower blood pressure. I use cinnamon for my cottage cheese {should buy European organic} sprinkle a little with brown cane sugar and you have an awesome snack.


This miracle spice known for decades is the most expensive spice in the world. Were used commonly for preserving meets, and deserts


This pepper god spice was used for hot foods in Mexico. Also, good for your brain is stimulant for the mood and other hot spices does. Use for morning shakes, by adding some desired fruits and greens. It’s good for
cleansing the body system kills parasites in your intestines.


Some people in ancients’ times used cardamom for coffee, or some sweets in Scandinavia. Also, believed reduce indigestion.

Spices are the fruit family

Through our lifetime we learn how to celebrate Easter, or Christmas holidays. The spices used for a thousand years for many reasons. For perfumes,dyes and even medicine. We love to cook and preserve our food in many
traditional ways. Who doesn’t know how exciting is to cook at home your food, moreover inviting friends and guests to your home?

Some prefer to go outdoors,which better to cook in the fresh air and a lot’s of sun makes feel more energetic and excited.We all know how excited is to see the family and friends together. Those are called happy moments and it remains for long time in our life these memories. It takes some time to learn things, how to cook if you never did before, for instance. We do cook our food from scratch because eating home food is an excellent idea.

We also remember there so many international cooking recipes  Homemade Fish Recipes for Baking  from around the world. But not everyone knows how to cook food in a healthy way. People nowadays using too much different spices and it is fine the way people liked and enjoyed.

It is important to cook food using less spices  because it can also do harm to our health if overused. Learn how to use spices for teas, soups,and food when you cook,or use a healthy diet. 1-7 Benefits of The Keto-Diet

There are many people who knows how to cook from a recipe, a book, for instance. Some of us learn to cook from parents, grandparents, or watching TV. The knowledge open doors for as the more we know the wiser we become.

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