The Immune System-List of Vitamins

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   Why many people getting sick on an everyday basis?

This question we ask ourselves quite often, right? Well is no secret when you do not know about the body and anatomy good. How you can live healthy and wellness life? The key is the time when you got sick and how strong your immune system is. That way when the immune system weakens and cannot prevent from the invader’s like wolf’s in sheep clothing, they come.

Many of us make mistakes by choosing not bad food, or neglecting your system with alcohol, or with some poisonous food. Poisoned food is bad the nutritionist recommends eat fresh food. A lot of people choose to eat rich food in antioxidants which can prevent many diseases and illness, and the virus

The Road to Success

The immune system is so important because it protects you from attacks from microorganisms. These are abnormal cells and chemicals from the environment that we receive. These external threats are an infection caused by bacteria, virus, and fungi. That’s why people who had cancer having those cancerous and abnormal cells in their body. But the system is capable to recognize a problem caused by disease, or injury and repairs the harmed tissues naturally by renewing itself. In over words our immune system is so amazing that can heal on its own if the illness’s do not progress too far.

For instance, let’s say somebody has cancer cells stage 3-4 already using chemotherapy and usually doctors recommend removing that tissue by surgery to help that person heal and save his life. But if cancer caught in early stages like stage 1-2, he has a better chance to heal without surgery at all. The most remarkable discovery is that the Immune system has a good memory of foreign substances and organisms.

Confronting with the virus, or another invading organism the system creating own antibody against it and some future attack. Do you remember when you had an allergy, or sore through and the flu? From life experience, I had every year a sore throat but I took that seriously knowing that I could heal naturally just with natural remedies, and herbs.

You should take your health seriously. Treat your body good, eat organic healthy food. Avoid eating heavy portions like dinners meat in the late evening. We need to understand that the meat is not the best option since animals were killed in pain and fear. They release the adrenaline in meat not the best option to consume for sick people. Replacing meat to young chicken, or fish worth the choice you want to make.

Make a healthy list of vitamins

  1. Vitamin C found in many fruits, maintain healthy membrane’s, and blood vessels
  2. Vitamin A has a fish, milk, and liver. It helps to keep the immune system strong
  3. Selenium is found in nuts, fish, wheat bran
  4. Omega-3 can be found in flax seed and fish. The flax seed oil can help especially for people who have rheumatoid arthritis. These are the best when fighting against infection.
  5. Proteins the amino acids that can help to prevent infection.
  6. Iron is required oxygen for healthy cells to function Eating of fruits and eggs will improve better protection for the system.You can look for red meat,whole grain, spinach,beans.
  7. Vitamin E helps produce antibodies avocados, oils, nuts


7 Benefits of Fruits play an important role in free radicals for the immune system to repair naturally. Beta carotene found in orange and other red plants, also tomatoes contain lycopene which may protect the immune system cells against those free radicals. Remember the timing is the key the earlier you detect the illness the better healing process it comes. Sometimes it could take a longer period to achieve desired results it depends on how strong the immune system is.

Garlic and onions are the antibacterial natural remedy if you use every day in your food. Do not take garlic when you have the irritated stomach.

Ginger- antibacterial remedy

Aloe – plants are a fantastic healing plant. Using as drinks, or teas.

Yogurt or kefir like cultured buttermilk has good bacteria that helps build strong walls against any infection to form. It is probiotic’s what your body needs for good bacteria acidophilus to form. Don’t take acidophilus if you have inflammation.

Taking any supplements, or using fermented dairy products to achieve the best results. Microorganisms will encourage more likely more healthy flora in your gut. If you take any other forms of probiotic’s follow the package directions.Fill up with fiber- having many fruits and vegetables learn more What is Fiber?

Drinking green tea, it’s considered beneficial for the neutralizing harmful radicals in the body. Blueberries, blackberries, and grapes are rich antioxidants. Taking a good quality of multivitamin that you trust is good for you. And if you don’t eat organic food or not enough greens and salad’s it for you. Some people ignore vitamins which are wrong thinking because we not always receive many vitamins what we need

Eat less to live longer

As sure as leaves fall from the trees in autumn each of us will grow old because we age. Good genes at birth also have an impact on our life and longevity. Getting the right nutrition through your life is a huge part of the aging process. Metabolism of food leads to the production of free radicals the less we eat the better we feel. Why cutting down on calories slow down your aging clock. Choosing healthy diet is a key for well being 1-7 Benefits of The Keto Diet

Drink a lot of water, or tea not too sweet. Avoid artificial drinks and lemonade from the store since they contain a lot of sugars. Making your drinks are better mint leaves tea with a little honey is makes feel you good and healthy. How to cleanse your system learn more The Best Way to Cleanse Your System

Think about your health positive

The sickness that you have depends on the emotional state. For instance, if you think you going to throw up you are probably going to. Positively also makes as heal over time. Telling yourself I’m going to be fine and healthy means so much for the mind. Including exercise and physical activity would be your goal. If you can walk for a mile every day would be great but if you can’t then do it at least 3-4 time in a week. Do whatever it takes you to move in a day.

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