The Miracle of Juice Therapy-Secret?

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                    What is Juices therapy?

Juices are very useful for our body both in terms of vitamin and lot. The juice washes out the body’s old dead cells, helps dissolve the accumulated salts, dis-colorize the liver and kidney stones. Many are afraid to consume freshly squeezed juices, because now for the fruits and vegetables more beautiful looks and faster ripening growers often use chemical compounds. I recall that all harmful substances remain in pulp when preparing juice in the simplest juicer.

The juice should be drunk about twenty minutes before eating in small sips maintaining a few seconds in the mouth. It is necessary to do so because the enzymes that break down carbohydrates form in the oral cavity. So if we drink juices in a hurry, and that’s what many of them fall from the stomach and begin to ferment there. In the stomach, a very important protein process occurs.

The secrets of juice preparation The container is flowing with juice from the juicer to make the grid well-placed even better double to filter out the chemical waste better. It is most advantageous to drink only freshly ready juice. Chemical treatment, preservatives for heating all this destroys vitamins and trace elements, but also all-natural biological information

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Therefore, fruit juices are preserved fresh for another four hours, when vegetable juices are only about ten hours. We buy juice from the shops it is aware of the values of about sixty percent.

Lately, it has become fashionable to make synthetic vitamin C with natural C associates only the chemical formula. The juices we produce themselves are much more beneficial to our bodies because they have a whole range of chemical elements created by nature itself.

Many juices are added white sugar it is not good when out of your natural juices we get a huge benefit because it increases the alkaline environment when  mucus, and insoluble salts and anyhow cleanse the body.

And here synthetic sugars acidify the body by increasing the acidic environment and stimulating fermentation in the intestines. This is due to the sugar contained in canned products and can be explained when we have stomach indigestion

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As a result, the intestine promotes fermentation resulting in a gas accumulation and heartburn occurs. Here you can explain the way as such to eat pepper instead of honey.

Each of the effects of the juice is associated with physiologically active substances that slide in the plants. The juice contains a large amount of trace element and mineral materials and all sorts of elements which are very large in natural plants.

Already after a week of drinking natural juices, it is possible to notice the results on the pinkish, or red cheeks, begin to sleep better, cope with the stomach and intestines. Wherever possible, only fresh, unfrozen vegetables shall be used and where possible immediately. The juice should not stand long in the refrigerator, because it is sour. After oral intake of juice after half an hour is quickly absorbed and provides the body with a lot of vitamins and energy. When you eat vegetable digestion takes place almost an hour, and after the juice drink, there is a cleansing of the body.The Best Way to Cleanse Your System Usually, the juice is taken orally in several ways:

  • First

You drink a half-liter daily for prophylactic’s

  • Second

Discharge-to cleanse the body in a day, after two-three liters for no more than three days

  • Third

For treatment-from sides to one liter of juice daily for two weeks

Carrot Juice 🥤

They contain vitamin A, B, K, E They improve hair, nail structure, eliminate duodenal ulcer, Increases the body’s resistance to infections, strengthens the eyes and throat often many of the liver and digestive tract are caused by the lack of these elements using carrot juice to cleanse the body. A large amount of toxic substances is incapable of removing through the liver and then travels through the lymphatic system from where it is excreted through the skin pores

Those yellow toxins are yellow, and orange so if the skin is yellow the phenomenon is completely normal. The Sis process can last from six months to a time. The composition of carrot juice is similar to our bloodstream only instead of an iron atom is a magnesium atom. So in one stylish carrot juice, you will get all day vitamins and trace elements. Many people doubt the benefits of carrot juice They do not believe that thanks to such juices can not regain health

Fresh cabbage 

Juice  contain C, B groups K, PP cabbage juice treats diabetes, stomach inflames, duodenal ulcers, high blood pressure, sclerosis, thyroid diseases, obesity. Cabbage juices cleanse the body, as it contains sulfur, chlorine and iodine compounds. When drinking these juices in the morning and in the evening get rid of excess weight, as the substances contained in the juice break down fatty tissue. Also if you overweight is good to follow any diet

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It’s most useful for the production of red cells greatly improves the blood composition of a woman, alienates menopause, discolorations the liver and kidney stones. It is very good to drink beetroot juice with carrot juice. The ratio should be in the apartment of four parts of carrot juice and one beetroot drink one glass, a day. Beetroot juice must be maintained for three hours before drinking.

Potato juice

Has C, B groups of vitamin sulfur, phosphorus, potassium. Potato juice hides from the body’s bacteria normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and the thyroid gland. Perfectly cleans the face and the entire body of the skin is removes eczema, and various stains on the body. At all times, potatoes were read in very good medicine, it was not possible to scare people even with hemorrhoids. Ingestion of potato juice on an empty stomach in the fasting can be cured and a scandal ulcer.

It is necessary to drink a thousand grams of juice for about ten to fourteen days after taking half an hour to lay it is possible to even put an electric healer. These natural methods of treatment are for those people who do not want to undergo treatment with medication.

Cucumber juice

The best natural remedy for drier urine is also having high blood pressure has potassium, sodium calcium, and chlorine. Cucumber juice has silicon and sulfur very good for nails and hair. It is advisable to drink them daily in half a glass to do cocktails with other juices. How to improve your immune system learn more The Immune System

Tomato juice

Fresh tomato juice contains phytoncides’ that inhibits rotting processes in the intestine. Due to the abundance of potassium, metabolism activates and improves the work of the heart. It has vitamin C and does not yield to citrus fruit. Drink a glass a day or stirring with other vegetables. Spinach juice helps to improve the whole digestive process. Fresh spinach has an excellent organic matter to clean the intestines and renew it.

Properly prepared spinach juice will help to loosen well in the middle of constipation. Therefore, it should not be forgotten that all means of liberation and pharmaceuticals are not good for the intestines. Gradually the intestines get used and as a result, the tissue, muscles, and the nerve in chronic inactivity occur.

Such irritants cause progressive degeneration of the intestines. Fresh spinach juice helps to revitalize not only the intestines but also the digestive tract. Another good attribute of the spinach is good for this effect on teeth and gums.

Bowel ulcers, malignant anemia, nervousness, thyroid and adrenal glands, kidney inflammation, furunculosis, or canine other rheumatism, heart disorders i.e. mainly with lack of these elements. Also, having low or high blood pressure headaches or migraines, and visual disturbances lead to the following causes of the occurrence of diseases.

Grape juice

This juice even only refreshes, but also cleanses strengthens, dismounts salts, removes bacteria and cleanses urine. It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. The best apartments to drink half, the glasses in the morning on an empty stomach an hour before eating systematically drinking grape juice should not drink milk, and eat fresh fruit that does not promote acidity. Ulcers, obese, duodenum, do not take much of these juices.

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