The Thought Which Treats You

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   Provisions for positive living

Nature each of us has placed an individual pharmacy kit for each of us in which we will find all the drugs from any disease.The most important part is to have a relaxed muscle and a healing program to save the subconscious mind. It is advisable to do sessions when you are alone so that no one interferes. In this way, it is possible to cure all the unhealthy organs of your body with the entire nervous system, memory, vision, hearing. We must do this seriously to acknowledge that we are guilty of our own many diseases.

The treatment process consists of several stages


Learn to relax just lie in your comfortable position. It is possible to lie down on the rug, close your eyes on the ground and lay the palms outward, tap the feet. When you find a comfortable position, try to calm down and think about nothing, and the most important to smooth your muscles and calm your breath is enough for 5-10 minutes this kind exercise


Our body cells can think like small children. We need to understand how the body works, so when you relax, think of a body that is unhealthy. A person who has concentrated must give that organ the commandment to speak with that body as a small child, but with a loving child. Each organ in the battle has its own character in the stomach and the liver is stubborn not very clever so you need to turn them into a commanding tone. The heart is the smartest organ with which we speak gently and loving matter.

So when we already know the first stage, i.e. relaxed to try to get to the depths of your heart, you notice a tiny colored flame-a source of love and protection. Observe as a flame increases fill the whole heart, and then covers the whole body from the occipital to the fingertips of the hands and feet. Try to feel how this light cleanses your body from all diseases by removing inflamed foci and getting health and freshness.

You must tell yourself every time you inhale more and more in your mind. The light inside my body it’s health providing me with energy. We already know where there is a fireplace in the ignition, we place the palm of the right hand at the foot and imagine how a health-providing light becomes hot in the area where there is a hearth of inflammation. That light melts the focus of the lump as if the sun’s rays dissolve the ice slice. I think you have enough imagination and you will create your own images.

How To Boost Your Energy ?

Self-suggestion always has a big role in human recovery if I am healed I will recover it and be healed if I think I will die of it and die. Provisions for positive living Joyous old age for centuries, people sought a youth elixir against immortality. Now scientists can not find the answer where lies the secret of a long life.

Each of us dreams of a healthy and beautiful old age. Many of us think that with old age laughing is not that you will not be reviving an old rotten tree and as a crummy house, nobody can repair it anymore. Old age needs only a little to support the loss of suffering due to ailments and help to extinguish without suffering

Then the question arises is why does the body get older?

The Anti-Aging Secret-Nutrition

It is also because we are so unconsciously eager. Every person is afraid of the helplessness and weaknesses of old age diseases. The very idea of impending old age and becomes its beginning is what determines our psyche which we deliver, so that old age and death are an inevitable part of our lives. These are unlike all organisms living on the earth, a man with his psyche can affect all his vital processes in the body.

Thus, medicine and science know countless facts when a person has been unconscious about the disease, or if he or she has been in a positive attitude to get rid of the unwanted diseases. Hence, our thoughts – can heal us, or be healed, renewed, or soaring.

   This Serum’s Ingredients Speak for Themselves, and Include:

  • Astaxanthin (which gives this serum it’s reddish tint) has been shown in clinical studies to increase smoothness, ongoing hydration, and elasticity in skin
  • Vitamin C, which helps fight free radicals and diminish the look of sun damage, dark-spots, and age lines for a younger, healthier look and feel
  • Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, which helps reduce the look of fine lines caused by dehydration
  • Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, which helps improve skin’s elasticity and erase discolorations for a healthier looking tone and texture

And that’s just to name a few of this facial serums fantastic ingredients!

Old age is a bias

In a certain moment of life, a person tries to deliberately allocate the stages of his life to a marriage period, child-rearing, the anticipation of menopause for a woman, waiting for a pension. The man has his belief that these phases are inevitable and that there is nothing to do with the programming of the aging of their organism. As soon as the first wrinkle appears or when the bare joints appear, the person diagnoses herself in the old one.

Therefore, I must save strength, move less, rest more. No one thinks that this is just the theory of the battle we create for ourselves because of malnutrition, laziness, scourged desire to preserve youth. In the most picturesque words, the people themselves have killed our psychics and begin to get older because we want it for ourselves.

A critical period in the life of the battles is 40-50 times, in particular, then you need to make yourself look beautiful hair, nails, skin all forms of the body. To have well-bent joints, there would be strong muscles easy gait, straight standing, flexible body included the belly of the blunder. Especially women are making a mistake as soon as they notice on their body wrinkle, or fat pleases no longer watching the mirror no longer want to see it in its reflection and subliminal all the time tortured thoughts wilting

Here I am?

What you did with me life?

How am I terribly looking?

Do you have old age?

Such gloomy thoughts inhibit the desire to live and desire to take care of their appearance. Women begin to no longer appreciate them, no longer able to admire themselves. O if it does so and drains and confirms in your body old age

The aging mechanism

Not fully clarified the aging process is positive for several theories that one of them is hormonal, that old age-it is impaired balance between new and old cells.In one direction, the hormones are raging, and the links between hormones and cells are disturbed. Visibly our brain works like a mediator connecting through hormones.

Each cell has its own receptors if the cell does not respond to the receptors it is aging and dies. Every year we live according to the nature-census scenario depends only on the battle.The recent development of a new generation of hormones that are positive has no side effects. It is possible to give the body an artificial hormone, but as the practice shows them it is possible to only pause. In addition, hormones at all and do not always help the desired effect achieved. According to the researcher, we use only 10% of our brain capacity.

Art to stay Young 

Consequently, for each of us there are reserves, which only need to be forced to flake. Nature has done very wisely that he has given the person memory. The meanings excite The emotions, they are undoubtedly positive, induces the hormones endorphins -the hormones of happiness, and together, the cell receptors-and thus the whole organism

The elixir of youth is, therefore positive thoughts, emotions, and feelings of the battle. It doesn’t matter how much you have at the moment, after all, you can always rotate your biological clock arrows from old age to youthfulness. Need out of memory to remember the thoughts about living a good recollection of the first love, about all the pleasant survival moments.

A person especially a woman does not have a better remedy as love. As a result, women not by chance have been storing their wedding dress in unending ancient times to admire photos and beautiful memories. Meet your former youth and classmates more often. Such encounters and memories of our body, our prisoners will be a peculiar elixir of youth. The constant provision of consciousness that you are young and healthy, not only alienates old age but also sometimes is the return of youth

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