What are the Best Essential-Oils for Skin-Care? 

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What are the best oils for skincare? 

 Oils  are pure liquids essence extracted from plants an effective remedy for the skin and body. Especially herbal plants have antibacterial, antiseptic which helps to heal even wounds. Oils good to use for healing, or for housekeeping there are many oils using worldwide but not all them we should use it depends on what type of skin you have.What are the Best Essential-Oils for Skin-Care?

Dry skin  

good ginger, cardamom, sandalwood, jasmine, nutmeg, lemon, rose oil 

 Sensitive skin 

cumin, coriander, mint, camphor 

 Oily skin 

eucalyptus, clove, lavender, clove 

Herbal oils are very concentrated medical oils which are used undiluted for massage therapies. 

Herbal bath 

 You can add to your bath dried herbs or just a couple of drops essential oil. It can create a very nice and pleasant aromatic effect. You feel energized, cleansed and moisturize all over your body. 

I have found that bath really can make you refresh but also gives for your body and soul such an amazing feeling for all day. I suggest that you might like to do this in the evening but not at night. 

 How to cleanse and moisturize your skin?  

For a clean, fresh, vibrant look and feel exfoliating facial scrub naturally for face gives your skin the pampering it deserves to feel its best every day. Fitness club wet sauna with eucalyptus essential oil aroma is just another alternative way to do.

When you cleanse and nourish the skin with herbs and oils your skin will change and improve. When you buy your oils buy only without synthetic substances, now dyes, preservatives 

 You should look for organic and natural oils our skin breathes for us and cleanses from the heat and cold and serve as protection from the sun and wind. Our skin manages to repair itself by realizing bad toxin from the body it’s deserves special care for sore backs, or dry and itching hands, and feet.

Use skincare products to experience its rich fragrance and moisturizing properties include a few drops in a steamy bath to enjoy its relaxing aroma. Diffuse throughout your home for a unique and calming aroma. Add a few drops to your shampoo, or scalp treatment to enjoy the oil’s moisturizing benefits 

How to use oils at home?

Scented Bath oils for sensitive skin 

For the skin massage and bath 

1 cup grape seed oil add 10 drops pure rose essential oil, or 60 drops chamomile or lavender essential oil blended well. Use 1 or 2 tsp {5-10 ml} per bath 

Note for working with essentials oils 

 Do not use as a direct substitute. You should dilute first like 2 dilutions would mean 40 drops pure essential oil to 1/2 cup {125 ml} carrier oil. 

 Total body massage oil  

In 50 ml of carrier oil such as sweet almond, or grape-seed oil, add 5- 20 drops essential oil and the vitamin E capsule blended and used. You can use these Essentials oils for everyday use. You can keep them in your bathroom, the kitchen, or you can carry out them with you when you travel. These the Top 3 that you can use 


light, clean refreshing floral aroma 


Strong fresh stimulating with aroma distilled from leaves grown in Spain 

Tea Tree Oil

 Treatment for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this oil helps fight off acne and blemishes, diminishes appearance of scarring and dark spots, and helps regulate the secretion of sebum. Dilute a couple drops into your favorite cream or moisturizer powerful bracing herb aroma distilled from leaves grown in Australia 


This oil is familiar to most people. It is used to kinds of toothpaste. It is used for mouthwash, breath mints, flavoring. This oil has good healing properties for your whole body. This oil has been treated for headaches, swelling, nausea since it gives a cooling sensation. When you have your feet hurt and swollen also gives a very nice calming and relaxing feeling. But do not overuse it, it also can be irritated on your skin. 

For massage, use dilute 2 drops into 10 ml base oil to refresh a room add 6 drops of single Essential oil,or you can add 3 drops each of two essential oils into the vaporizer. Please also have in mind do not use undiluted directly on the skin 

 Love Your Body 

 Yes, you do because when the immune system weakens in your body you can be affected by numerous diseases like flu, sore throat. I used to have sore through every autumn, or winter to understand that taking time for recreation for my body can decrease my productivity in life. 

The responsibilities what we have in our life’s daily family, work, school, bills household chores, and other things that require using so much energy. We simply forget how to treat ourselves good.  

The truth is we deserve that to our body since it takes that a little of your time.But overall, we get energized and relaxed. Some people for instance in Russia, or in Europe they do hot sauna in winter with herbal dry plants and then jump in cold water. 

Some people have a sensitivity to late bath it could disturb the fell asleep faster. We do shower most of us do every day but what about taking a good and relaxing bath. I was working full l time I don’t have any more energy to pay attention to what my body is telling me.  

And that’s what people actually do post pone every time especially man but if you have planned, I will do this bath on Friday for sure and this eventually happens. You don’t need a reminder for a woman, or a man who are good swimmers’ like penguins they just love baths and water. 

 Be aware of animals they are sensitive to aromas 

It might not good for them to breath such as strong aroma they could be allergic to these substances. Peppermint oils are so powerful it could even help with ants, or some bugs stay away from your home. They can’t handle a Peppermint aroma.  

Final Thoughts

Aren’t we want to be beautiful inside and out?

Why we always ask ourselves how important to as our physical appearance? Many people would do anything just to look younger well young won’t realized until they become older. A lot of as woman thinking that is everything about being beautiful, but ironically will it make as happy no is not.The truth is the beauty is inside of us this is the law of nature everything in this world comes with balance. The way we eat and work and rest our health is the most important treasure in life 


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4 thoughts on “What are the Best Essential-Oils for Skin-Care? ”

  1. What an awesome article and website! I didn’t know how important essential oils could be! After reading this, I can’t wait to go take a bath with some lavender oil. I love that smell too.

    I also didn’t know that it’s not a good idea to take a bath too close to bedtime.

    Thanks for all the information!
    Take Care!
    Mandi Shiloh

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this information about essential oils. I live in the north, so every winter my skin tends to get so dry. So, you have recommended some essential oils for dry skin.

    I will surely try this.

    All the best!

    • Sure, I could recommend peppermint oil has very good healing for headaches, or some swollen feet it has cooling sensation, others jasmine, sandalwood. But if you have dry sensitive skin, I would recommend coriander, cumin, and mint oil.

      Do not forget to dilute 2 drops of essential oil mixed with 10 ml carrier oil of some olive oil, or grape oil. I do use coconut oils mixed with couple of drops peppermint, or tea oil mixed together and use on my hair when i go to my hot sauna.

      It has amazing effect my hair looks beautiful but this is another topic. If you never try before I suggested you first use on your hands, or on your feet first. Some people have allergies. I would never recommend doing on bare skin. You also could try doing a bath see if you like that.

      What I actually use rose hip oil in summer time for my body, not for face. Those essentials oils smell so good, is good to have in your purse, or just refresh your room.

      I here to help achieve your desirable results,

      Thank you for comment


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