What are the Signs of Heat Exhaustion?-Dehydration

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  Dehydration does is affect health?

Without food, you can live for several weeks, without water we could die in a few days. Water is needed to move forward through the intestinal tract and eliminate chemical substances from your system. We get water from the food we eat approximately about 85% to 95 % is water. By six and eight glasses a day which can include juice, milk, and soup. We do not include alcoholic, and coffee beverages since they do have a diuretic effect.

Otherwise, think about a healthy diet is easy to overlook the most important ingredient – the Water. Water helps regulate your body temperature, lubricate the digestive tract. It dissolves minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients carry them when needed

Why to avoid the heat on a hot sunny day?

So, when you stay a long day in the sun then you could have overheated. What you should do when you feel the heat exhaustion? A condition when the excessive loss of body fluids results to raise body temperature. So, when you work in a hot, humid sunny day your body sweats a lot. Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Energy-Joy Organics

By sweating and working outside all day long you’re missing a lot of water from the system. So it’s very important that do not stay too long in the sun. You should drink at least 16-20 ounces of liquid before exercise, and when you exercise another 4-8 ounce every 20 minutes. Be sure you have replaced after sweating all fluid.

What are the symptoms of heat exhaustion?

Be aware when you experience these signs then you need to talk to your doctor. Are you are a senior you should vulnerable to heatstroke. Those headaches, slurred speech are the signs of a more serious condition. Taking medications also another risk factor for the elderly. The leg cramps, or heat exhaustion mild forms.

So, when you feel dizziness, loss of appetite and nausea those early signs. Also, you can experience a lack of concentration and even elevate the heart. Replace what you lost you need to drink as much liquid every day as you lose through perspiration and excretion. To prevent this from happened need to drink plenty of water. Summer moisturize your skin by drinking water. Replace what you have lost by drinking as much liquid every day as you lose through perspiration and excretion

Otherwise, your body will become dehydrated. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty, drink a glass of water sip water throughout the day. Most people need to drink two, or three quarts in a day. Get out of the sun, apply cold towels if someone’s needs. Sit somewhere under a tree, or have a shower to cool you down. Stay out of the heat for a while until the body cools down. Drinking a lot of water helps you stay dehydrated all day long. Have something at handy at all times fresh gallon of water would be a great idea to have in a cooler or bottled water.

Staying inside indoors helps with air-condition cool down your body and refresh. By exercising the body loses not only water but also salt what our body needs electrolytes. Drink electrolytes you can restore your body system with this magical drink Gatorade. Do you know that many sports teams have to drink this drink for many reasons? Our bodies need electrolytes, potassium, and sodium. For children is good Pedialyte has so many good vitamins and ingredients

Pros and Cons

Do not use alcohol on hot sunny days. Do not drink coffee and colas. They work as diuretics you will want to use the bathroom too often and this way will lose more water. The best idea you can make your own drink a Tea with lemon or ginger roots added to add some couple tablespoon of honey. Also, add some mint leaves for the flavor you don’t have an idea how much your body will thank for this.

Some good tips to follow

Start building your plan in little steps gradually. So, when you have work outside in your yard, or gardening does it in the early morning and late evening. Having the sun is the best in the morning avoid the sun in the afternoon. Wear a hat from the sun have T-shirts and change often during the day. Is better to wear a white T-shirt, or at least lighter on hot, or dry days. Go to the beach, or for a walk in the forest preserve where is possible no heat. Attend a swimming pool on those hot days

What kind of water you should drink?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drinking water

Many people believe that bottled water is healthier and cleaner, which is nonsense. Nobody wants to pay expensive prices for water. It should be clean, right? Yes, it was hundreds of years ago that we could drink freshwater’s and clean. You should buy filtered water from stores if you prefer. Is not recommended that you need to buy sweetened water or tea supplies in bottles in the store.

Most of us know the benefits of clean freshwater’s. We know since a decade it becomes so modern to buy water in bottles. The best water filtered. So, when you have a filter in your kitchen is good to use because the water sometimes is contaminated. Even there so many choices about what to buy today in the stores. What you need to do examine and trust the company where water is made from

Eat many Fruits What are Benefits of Fruit Juice ?

Watermelon is the best on a hot sunny day. Apples are a good fruit to enrich you with vitamins. Strawberries, Blueberries is rich Antioxidants. Drink more smoothies on a hot sunny day. Do not eat heavy food eat more salads, and avocados. A summer I like to make my soup which easiest to cook and delicious to eat

Recipe for Summer

What you will need rhubarb, raisins, rice, dark bread. You can buy German dark bread better grain, or European good bread. You only need a couple of slices this bread. Boil first water and 1 cup of rice, add some bread then raisin after 5-10 minutes. Add 2 rhubarb long ones and 2 tablespoons of sugar. You can make from the flour small balls like you cook dumplings, or meatballs and add to the soup. Its easy recipe for the stomach to digest you can include into your menu. Also, you can add some cinnamon for better taste and flavor to enjoy

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