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                  Want a Beautiful  face and skin?

When we do age through the time our skin change and wrinkles appear on face neck and some other body parts. Is depends on a lot of circumstances in life how much we exercise we do. What food we eat depends on our skin and then it loses elasticity. Is not enough firm and then why skin becomes loosen a little. Like a woman has cellulite on
the legs is not like was before when you were young. This could happen by eating not enough food for skin that are missed some minerals,or vitamins.

Are you sick and taking too much medicine?

When a person becomes sick you skin changes. The point is that more wrinkles appear from face and body expressions what we do in everyday life. Even woman knows a lot of information about how to take care of
youthful skin is still a big challenge to achieve.

Without putting Botox to firm the skin, or some kind minor surgery. Those are kind risky procedures for health only professionals can do the best job possible. But woman ready to pay a big price to be attractive and youthful again. The missing collagen on the face makes the skin more sensitive to the environment around you. Is there a natural solution for that? The answer is yes if you know what of skin you have?

Is this skin oily, or dry? The oily skin have not much trouble getting in the sun it doesn’t age fast the way dry skin does. Applying everyday moisturizer another good thing to do. When buying a cream look for liposomes that
cream contains

How to cleanse and moisturize your skin?

The good fatty acids are similar to those us membrane cells from the skin. It could keep the skin smooth. Cleanser. Is like cleansing with natural waters and teas. There is a lot of ways that you can do to look better to yourself. Chamomile tea with aloe plant to cleanse and refresh face skin.

  • Stay Young adding vitamin E is very helpful in the face at night. A couple of capsules Vitamin E massaging to appear lips or face every night before you go in bed. Do it with fingertips gentle massaging to the face skin.
  • Have a Happy Face
    You need more work on your facial expressions. More smile per day, and in a month, or two you will see good results. Looking to the sky like kissing the sun can strengthen not only the neck but also can help reduce the wrinkles. Do more facial exercises, love doing the masks. Aging cause some drying of the skin face and other parts of the body. Using high-quality organic soaps for the face and skin can improve the skin condition.
  • The food you have to eat?

The most important to keep the skin nice looking that food also makes a lot of difference in our life. Do you have enough all vitamins and ingredients in the menu? Do you know that Vitamin E, A all that face look gorgeous again? Lemon also has a good impact adding to you Tea. Spinach probably good and rich plant that makes skin glow

      The beach and vacations

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunscreen#Sun_Protection_Factor     you  need to apply lotion with protection SPF 25-30 from Ultraviolet rays to protect the face from the peak of sunny hours. Going to the beach in the early morning and after 3 pm noon is a good idea for people with sensitive skin. Wearing a hat always useful advice for people who’re working outside, or garden.

        Plenty of masks to use

You can bye masks and  apply with mud to clean and open pores and refresh and clean the skin. You can make a facial mask at home. Cucumber mask adds slices of cucumber squeeze juice from it, egg white and small drops of fresh-squeezed lemon juice. It can ref-fresh and clean skin and then apply the moisturizer.

Mixing everything in a small glass plate, or container. Another good tip is adding 1 tablespoon of rising, egg white, and lemon drops. Mixing everything. With a fork or a mixer applies to the skin and keeps for at least 10-15 minutes washing away. It makes skin smooth and fresh

 Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables

7 Benefits of Fruits For Vitamin A, C. Bread, and cereal, eggs for protein. Dark green vegetable for vitamin B. Seafood poultry grains for zinc. Cutting down animal meat if you have skin problems like Psoriasis. A lack of vitamin B causes skin look red. Dry and scaly. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes the skin to look yellow pale, or brown on the face and hands. Taking this group vitamins another good thing to do.

Vitamins are important in a diet to look for skin young and beautiful again. Taking Omega-3 fatty acids may help reduce inflammation. Including fish in the diet helps restore the face and body skin. Eating at a regular time every day not have a heavy meal at night can benefit you.

 Does oil can help to heal facial skin and neck? 

Best Essential Oils for Skin Care  of course, applying oils when you have a dry skin good tip to do. Oils like Tea, Kemp oil mixing with other natural and organic oils. Try to look for organic and pure 100 % natural oils. But if oils are pure and organic you can apply to the skin without any harm. The always some allergies can appear. Test to yourself first if you are allergic. Apply oils on your palm of the hand and put on the wrist massaging gently to the skin.

Wait for 20-30min longest one hour it doesn’t look pink, or redness that means you can use. Add some eucalyptus essential oil, or peppermint oil, Tea oils going to the steamy sauna in the sports club. Stress also cause damage to the skin trying calm down and looking for help how to avoid it

Have good night sleep

Making eight hours to sleep overnight another good thing to do. Having a good habit like a good night sleep at night from next day performance better. Is good to take some Valerian’s roots natural remedies or Melatonin in small amounts. That what our brain needs to function without a good night sleep people especially older become irritated and stressed out. Do not forget to use moisturizer daily

  • Astaxanthin (which gives this serum it’s reddish tint) has been shown in clinical studies to increase smoothness, ongoing hydration, and elasticity in skin
  • Vitamin C, which helps fight free radicals and diminish the look of sun damage, dark-spots, and age lines for a younger, healthier look and feel
  • Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, which helps reduce the look of fine lines caused by dehydration
  • Niacin-amide, also known as Vitamin B3, which helps improve skin’s elasticity and erase discolorations for a healthier looking tone and texture

And that’s just to name a few of this facial serums fantastic ingredients!

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