What Energy Flavor’s Means?-Taste

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      What are the types flavors in Food🍲?

How To Boost Your Energy ?

Energy and health are essential for our body. Food products in the world has only sixth tastes. The ability to combine them will depend on what to produce in our body or good energy and health or the excess of disease and fat. All but we know what sensations we feel when we eat. The taste will be felt already when we put a first bite of the mouth.


It increases all the battles that lead to mass growth. Thus, excess sweetness produces mucus and promotes obesity, which is the result that the body’s ability to produce Heat is compromised. If there is a lot of sweet product in the human diet and it is it becomes thick lazy and aloof. Sweet is sugar, honey, milk, cream, butter, wheat baked goods, vegetables, nuts, and sunflower’s citrus fruit comes has a sweet and sour taste.


Animates promotes appetite, helps in the fluid of the detained organism, increases mental powers, regulates digestive. The large surplus is not a healthy worsening of blood composition, irritating to the skin, stimulating heartburn and the formation of tumors. The citrus fruit is sour and sweet.

Kefir, fermented cheeses are sour or spicy important as they are produced. If the home conditions to, they may be more organic. If your menu contains numerous acidic products, the human being becomes irritable, sensitive and acute


Cleanses the body and removes mold, improves appetite, and keeps fluid in the blood. Promotes mucus and juice eliminating, thus enzyme activity. During all of our lives, the resumption of getting older our healthy new cells is very much reduced.

So at the time of the 50, we did not have as much energy as we were younger. Therefore, to increase the new cells and decrease the old ones advisable to use a natural product of cheeses.

Do you ever hear that the Russians liked to eat an caviar, or hearing, i.e. a very healthy product? It is even useful to rinse the oral cavity with the salt of the natural sea salt.


Improves appetite and the Digestive weaken system cleans the organism. Promotes the excretion of fluid from the body, thin-ens the blood. Bitter food can help even to cleanse and lose weight. The excess of bitterness reduces the number of strength and energy, raises fear, promotes nervousness. The bitter taste is sunflowers and the fried nuts.


It dries putrid and pus thickens the blood, promotes healing, improves skin color. Pears, cabbage, potatoes and green vegetables have a kite.


Normalizes the activity of the stomach and intestines, improves appetite. The spicy flavor includes onions, garlic, peppers, radishes, turnip’s, and all spices. Kefir and fermented cheese are spicy, depending on how they are made.

Combinations of mixed flavor can be influenced by the number of flavors in our bodies. If you constantly feel âť„cold then it is to be eaten with a combination of acidity and a bitter product. By combining the acidity with the sodium, you feel warm in the body but the great mass of the body. The combination of bitterness with acidity warms the body and merge.

If we want to reach that limit of the body, we need to combine a bitter with the Acuity so when you eat more, it grows weight and fat in the same way that you eat the Sweetly and the Acidic you grow your muscles. Bitterness together with the sharpness’s gives us more energy and strength, but it is advisable for those who have such low blood pressure or impaired blood flow. Every taste affects organ


Bitterness – Heart

Sodium-The kidneys



Poignancy -Thick colon

Inner power

What Energy Flavor's Means?-Taste Cooking Food



Antiquities spices were considered as gold. Small quantities have improved the activity of the boil and the quality and the spread of food. Our digestion with the age is weakened with the only way we remember how the former can eat all. Now only the stomach is more often only complicated when the digestive tract is strep. Poor cooking is the source and cause of the whole disease. If everything goes well with your stomach and digestion, you just get all the food you need to regenerate the cells.

To be able to be aware of the quality of life, we must remember to make it with spice, i.e., black pepper, cardone, cinnamon, cloths, mustard, red peppers, hornets, ginger, and salt. These products are used to eat or post-meal stimulates appetite and helps digestion. Spices are good to take in extreme cold time. They are particularly useful for the enhanced age of scouting and for all those where the boil is poor. It is possible to get a bit of ground ginger for meals and teas. Ginger is perhaps the most suitable means for strengthening digestion.

Overeating is not healthy Hippocrates once said if the rise from the table is a feeling of hunger and if you feel fool after eating is called food poisoning. It is in our life we eat a lot and no longer have the judgment of how much-needed to eat. Older people eat less but not all. Some of them like to eat too much sweet produce.

At which the stomach is a dislocated such people want to eat more. They constantly feel the hunger, in this case, we need to learn how to eat more slowly without hurry and chew food slowly. Large amounts of tea and coffee and consume a lot of flour. And when the vegetable product is almost inedible.

The Middle of Golden health

Our blood from food can get an acidic or alkaline activity. The man who’s has an alkaline activity has better health than those who sick only about 50-60% and the rest of acidic blood. Therefore, those people are more often affected by all sorts of diseases. To have the blood, have an alkaline range we needed to eat around 60% of the vegetables, and fruits protein food about 20% and carbohydrates 16% and only fat about 6%.

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