What is Means Being Overweight?-Fiber

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         Why you need to include Fiber in Your Diet?

Nowadays people searching for the answers why I’m overweight. What is the problem that we gain weight? Some people can gain weight by taking medications like diabetes. Others gain weight by eating much junk food. Like, potato chips, or cookies, some sweeten lemonades drinking on a hot sunny day. Buy anything for lunch and eat in our cars that is a bad habit. Do you know when you buy food from a fast restaurant isn’t healthy us you think?


We come home from work and buy again drinks with sweeteners for our thirsty mouths. There many people in the world who are overweight and they think is all right with their health. On another hand, there is none that they right. Think when you get older than more health problems can appear in the future. Being overweight can contribute to many health problems heart diseases, blood pressure. Also, like diabetes, infection, back pain, and other kind problems. Do you ever tried loose weight of a couple of pounds?

 Trying to loose weight unsuccessfully?

We know that feeling because having a fight for the weight were lost hundreds of times. To lose some weight, you should know where to start. Learning from my past experiences and failures that nothing was helping me no food, no fitness until I did change something in my diet. I started to look at what I’m doing wrong. They’re having some solution to the problem and then boom miracle happened.

The Best Way to Cleanse Your System

It might seem that little miracle doesn’t help but actually did the trick for me. Did you pay attention to how much sugar did we use? That is so true by avoiding buying drinks like lemonade and some sweet cakes, and candies if you like. Start to make your own drinks like teas without sugar. You can actually replace that with honey instead of sugar. Also, if start to finish eating dinners before seven pm. So the late-night, if you are hungry eat some snacks like carrots, or bananas even a little piece of chocolate. Is amazing when drinking buttermilk can do so many changes in the diet. Well its helps a lot because you don’t felt hungry anymore. This awesome white buttermilk can do so much for the stomach. The reason why we gain weight lies in our stomach what we put in our bodies throughout the mouth.

What is Fiber?

You can shed so many pounds down and even don’t need to follow any diets but isn’t for everyone, it depends from circumstances. Are you sick person and looking for some healing ?

Want to lose weight, or you need to feel healthy from not being sick. Then you need a special diet,balanced food with all good nutrition’s.We need to do our exercises because our bodies need to move to burn the calories. When we consume so many calories it stays in the body and become an excessive fat that how we start gaining weight.

What you should know by burning fat you start losing weight. We do all know that being obese making as very miserable and depressed. Is not a good feeling at all. Why on earth you want to suffer this way but you don’t have to be super skinny. Your goal should be to feel healthy and look at least nice and pretty for yourself. Of course, we like receiving compliments from others look at you, did you lose any weight?

We do feel amazing when we are lighter?

It is easier to bend and easier to walk or do some exercises and daily activities. Overweight actually is a big problem but is never too late to solve it. Try this program the Keto Diet.

7 ways to keep your diet healthy?

Custom Keto Diet

Pros and cons

When cutting sugars and sweets is our main goal, also we need to keep in mind cutting meats. Smoky sausages or other smoke meets, avoiding eating pork. Good to eat some fresh meat baked, or cooked well steak. Fatty meats aren’t healthy for you to eat when you obese. The most important thing using in your menu a lot of fiber. You can find fiber in fruits, or you can buy from organic stores and online. Fiber is good for your health especially for digestive problems if you have. Also, you can find fiber in other food like legumes, whole grains bread, oats, barley, and cereals

You need to remember other things in mind keep thoughts positive. You do not eat fast, for instance, taking small bites you increase good habits for yourself. Trying to eat at ease and slower with the music. It does help for sure fulfill your stomach. You should feel satisfied and enjoyment from eating. Imagine in your mind that you feel hungry and how you feel when get fool after eating. Imagination is how you want to look like younger and leaner. Look at the others how they look lean and skinny and healthy. Picture it the way you look before, or by looking to your friends who look good. There is so much science and doctors whose proved methods for losing weight. You don’t need to purchased science books to follow if you know how it works. However, do we really know how to eat?

The key to success

To loose weight and be lean is good but the most important thing is to be healthy.Many people dont know how to balance the food that they eat? How many carbohydrates,protein and vegetables you should consume? Those are the keys to success.

You can make drink from these ingredients.

  • mint leaves
  • aloe one or two pieces,
  • 1 lemon
  • a tablespoon of organic apple cider
  • one tablespoon of honey
  • ginger root
  • one green tea

What it does helps melt your fat easier and faster when exercising,or doing some physical activity  drinking water,or tea. Have always water in your car, or carry it with you. Another trick is to eat watermelon, especially in the summer season. It helps clean your kidney very good is a good fruit to include in your diet when losing weight. There is a myth that we cannot make a change.


Do you remember saying to yourself can’t change that who I’m and always has been? But actually, if you notice a change is possible if repeat to yourself as a prayer I really want to do it. I want to change my body and start living my desired life by looking into a mirror and seeing a different person. We believe that the devil who controls our life and body but this only in our mind the way think and create our lives.

No matter how hard I will try is going to be the same. Do you hear what you say to yourself we need to understand what positive emotions can do and bring to us into our body and whole body? Change the thoughts because our brain has the power to heal and repair the body and soul

Custom Keto Diet

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8 thoughts on “What is Means Being Overweight?-Fiber”

  1. Hah! It’s never a good feeling at all to become overweight, much worse, OBESE. The problem with trying to lose weight for myself is getting overwhelmed with advice from all over the Internet on what to cut down on. The only thing I’m sure of working on is eliminating sugar (something I’m still having trouble today). Another problem I have is, of course, discipline. Like how do I maintain the prescribed diet I was told to follow, as well as the exercise routine I’ll be starting with? To this day, I’m still struggling to get started on my weight loss journey. Any advice?

    • Yes, I would suggest that losing weight it is a great challenge to make for yourself. It depends on many things in our lives what kind of work you do. Is this job requires physical activity then is needed to pay attention to your food what you eat? Don’t eat at a fast-food restaurant because this food would not help to lose weight since it has so much grease inside. I suggest you make your own food like healthy sandwiches from grains or even dark European bread with many salats. Cucumbers and onions, healthy organic soups and carry to work. Exercising helps you lose weight sooner you can choose like biking, jogging, or fitness club. I always choose what I enjoy the most what makes me feel happy. I do so much walking in nature for at least one hour a day if I can. You don’t need to follow any diets and keep discipline. It should be enjoyment to do not hard work. Try to eat in small portions your food until your stomach do not require much food to consume and you don’t feel hungry as you feel before. I hope it helps because I truly know how it feels when your overweight but in the end, it pays off that I can promise to you. Good Luck achieving your results and thank you so much for stopping by if you have any questions don’t hesitate, please ask.Take Care

  2. What a great message! Cutting sugar, and being careful to avoid processed meats and sodium-rich snacks is a great start to a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for the reminder to be careful, pay attention, and that it’s okay to fall off of the wagon – just try again! I’m struggling with weight loss right now, and I appreciate the kind tone and encouragement. Keep on encouraging and reminding people to be their best, and to make healthy choices!

    • Yes, Hilary, I know how it feels. And sometimes it becomes a hard promise to make for ourselves right? I was eating less food at night replacing with vegetables and my own drinks. Also started to eat my favorite dark European bread whole grain. I cut off the white bread completely and stop eating cakes and cookies. Also walking every day for one hour made it a big difference in my life. But when you do, does it makes us feel good again and much happier when we can fit in our beautiful clothes again? I never weight and I don’t look to mirror until I don’t fit in my beautiful dress. Ha, ha yes I’m laughing because when I lost my weight and everyone start saying Wow you look skinny. I was on the cloud nine actually. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this article and if you have any questions to ask please do I’m happy to answer.
      Have a nice Memorial weekend, Take care

  3. I started to gain weight after my second child delivery. I also noticed that I easily feel bloated and heavy even if there’s no change in my meal intakes. You were right about dieting but it differs with each body type. We just have to know which of the diet program is compatible with our body and lifestyle. Also, I like it when you said to enjoy our food with music. People shouldn’t be in a hurry when eating. It should be savored and enjoyed which has good effects as you mentioned. From my experience, it also helps to drink a glass of water before taking your meal. This way you have a fuller stomach. Your brain will send the signal to your body to stop eating more because you’re already full with the little amount of food.

    Thanks for sharing your insights. I enjoyed it well.

    • Yes, I do agree with you it does depend on body types and ages too. It is so true you gain weight when you having a baby. I truly amazed at how much knowledge you have. I always will remember my teachers from my college Doctors with many experiences in life. They asked: Do you want to be pretty? We say yes then don’t look for cakes and for cookies on the store shelf to bye. Stop buying sweets replace that with carrots and some fruits with less sugar. And you will see your results in a short time. I stop eating before seven pm and that was a huge move for me. Also, I started to do my walking in nature for an hour a day, swimming, biking anything to burn your calories. We need to have some physical activity. But isn’t has to be forever we all want those good snacks you can replace with like a piece of chocolate. I can suggest if you use more fiber it can diminish your bloating feeling, especially for a woman after having a child. I appreciate your comment thank you for reading my article please ask if you have any questions I happy to answer. Have a nice Memorial weekend take care now

  4. Weight loss is a life long issue for many. I never had that problem until I turned 60. I continued to eat all of the sugar and candy. I gained 30 pounds. Weight is much harder to take off than it is to put on. But with hard work and changing my habits, as you say, I have lost 15 pounds of the 30 that I gained. The tea you talk about, it sounds exciting and good. I will try some to see if the taste is as enticing as it sounds. And I love watermelon, but I never thought about eating it. What a great idea. Thank you for this suggestion.

    • Sure, I happy to help with my advice since we all have issues and problems with overweight especially when we aged. It is no secret at all how much hard time people having to deal with overweight. Also, we need to do some exercises too. I do for instance a lot of walking outside, biking, or swimming another good activity. Following so many diets purchasing so much frozen proceed food, we feel a little lost. I’m glad that you already lost some weight it is a good start to keep doing that. We all need to eat organic good food less meat. I eat so many vegetables and fish, chicken good fruits, and a lot of water and hot Tea.For instance, it’s another my favorite recipe for you my soup what is needed to buy whole organic chicken cut into half, and use just half chicken and boiled with some vegetables, carrots, celery, dill, and cilantro, rice and one potato cutting in small pieces and I got awesome soup and good dinner to eat. It has fewer calories and tastes great. I happy that you enjoy reading, whatever you want to ask please do not hesitate thank you for stopping by, Happy Memorial weekend take care


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