What is the Best Home Remedies for Foot Odor?

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      What is Athlete’s foot?

It is true that people become desensitized to the bad smell and often they ignore it. Many people who aware that their feet smell usually ignored until it someone else complains. Did say to yourself I know my feet stink. You don’t have to wear sneakers if you have Athlete’s foot that’s because a fungal infection that causes athletes foot loves warm, dark and damp places inside like sweaty shoes of any kind.

If your feet smell bad and itch, you may have developed a common fungal infection called athlete’s foot. Fungus thrives in the warm, moist environment of your shoes and socks. If you don’t practice healthy foot hygiene habits, you may be more likely to develop it.

The athlete foot fungus, Trichophyton, is a dermatophyte related to other fungi that cause infections in human skin, hair, and nails.These fungi exist harmlessly on human skin. As long as the skin is dry and clean, their reproduction is limited. However, under damp and warm conditions, they multiply rapidly.

Thick, tight shoes are more likely to trigger an athlete’s foot because they squeeze the toes together, creating ideal conditions for the fungus to thrive. Experts say that plastic shoes, which warm and moisten feet the most, are more likely to bring on an athlete’s foot than those made from other materials, such as leather or canvas.

The skin on the foot, especially between the toes, becomes itchy – there is also a sensation of stinging or burning. The skin may also become: cracking, flaky,red,scaly,or dry.

Several people minister to their feet with household cleaning products such as chlorine bleach, cleansing powder, or Lysol spray. Although they respond no harm, doctors warn the use of strong products on your feet may increase irritation and redness, especially in those who contain ammonia.

But as you know from all that our body deserves special care. Sore backs, or dry and itching hands, or feet. Use in your skincare products to experience its rich fragrance and moisturizing properties. Include a few drops in a steamy bath to enjoy its relaxing aroma.

Remedies you can make at home  🏡

Foot baths top to list cures people use quite an array of ingredients in their soaking solutions chlorine bleach, vinegar, and salt are the most popular but red clover tea, cayenne pepper, baking soda all get more healing results and confidence.  10 Self Care Ideas for Body Odors

Vinegar makes an excellent soaking solution. For the feet half cup of vinegar within a gallon of water and soak for 10-15 minutes twice a day.


Saltwater from an ocean, or see walking by barefoot by the shore but for those who can’t make one at home.Simply soak two tablespoons of salt with warm water. Salt kills’ fungus and helps to dry up the surface.

Baking soda

Soak feet in a baking soda solution then rub with a rough towel, especially between the toes.

Essential oils  Aromatherapy Cure for Diseases-Essential oils

You should look for organic and natural oils. Our skin breathes for us and cleanses from heat and cold and serve as protection from the sun and wind. Our skin manages to repair itself by realizing a bad toxin from our body

Tea Tree Oil


Tea Tree OIl


This oil is familiar to most people. It is used to kinds of toothpaste. It is used for mouthwash, breath mints, flavoring. This oil has good healing properties for your whole body. This oil has been treated for headaches, swelling, nausea since it gives a cooling sensation. When you have your feet hurt and swollen also gives a very nice calming and relaxing feeling. But do not overuse it, it also can be irritated on your skin.

Note for working with essentials oils

Do not use as a direct substitute. You should dilute first like 2 dilutions would mean 40 drops pure essential oil to 1/2 cup {125 ml} carrier oil.


Light, clean refreshing floral aroma

Lavender flowers can be used herbal tea for their calming stress-relieving effect. It could be well mixed with linden flowers, chamomile, and marigold flowers for a quick recovery after giving birth to a child for a woman. Lavender is effective for a stress-related headache.


It is good for massage therapy and directly added to the skin for bites, stings, burns, wounds, bruises, and sores. Lavender well combined with other oils such as bergamot, marjoram, rosemary, and pine. A compress for with this oil can apply for healing therapy. Use for a bath can relieve sciatica muscular back pain. Also, can be used as a vaporizer burned in a room balance and purified the air you breathe. It is helpful for high blood pressure, stress, faintness, and dizziness. It could be also used for a baby’s diaper rush in small amounts.



Anti- Inflammatory



Strong fresh stimulating with aroma distilled from leaves grown in Spa


Eucalyptus is widely used for bath and saunas which has a strong aroma. It is very antiseptic oil for bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and other pulmonary infections. It is good for the smell in a room such as a burner in-room or used in the bath. This oil combines well with other oils such as pine, lemon, marjoram, and cedarwood. This oil has antiseptic properties to use for insect bites and stings. Works perfectly as a treatment for herpes, lice, and other fungal infections. If used for massage therapy works well for people who have rheumatic conditions.





Is used a tincture mixture as a powerful antiseptic.Tinctures are weaker than essential oils’ and can be applied directly to the skin. It is good for skin cuts, or mouth ulcers. 10-15 drops can be used diluted with water for infections and digestive tract.






Myrrh oils used in bath therapy. Is strengthening and balancing and works as antiseptic for athlete’s foot, gangrene, fungal infections. Combine with other oils such as lavender, frankincense, sandalwood, sage, and citrus oils. It is good a good effect on the digestive system if massaged over the abdomen helps chills and diarrhea.

Used as vaporizer excellent for chronic lungs condition like bronchitis, and laryngitis. Although, bitter to the taste is excellent for a mouth wash for bleeding gums, ulcers and sore throat. Used in the wound in the form of a compress, or lotion, it helps for aging skin, and skin infection.

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Digest essential oil is a soothing blend of peppermint, ginger, lemon, and fennel. It is primarily used to calm stomach pains. Its woodsy and spicy aroma promotes natural balance by calming and cleansing.

Exxhale essential oil is a blend of eucalyptus, thyme, peppermint, rosemary and bergamot. It’s used to promote a healthy respiratory system while enabling effortless breath.

Relaxx essential oil is a calming blend of lavender, ylang ylang, clary sage and chamomile. This blend is used for natural anxiety relief.

Relief essential oil is a mix of ginger, wintergreen, rosemary, clove, and frankincense. This blend is used as a nice compliment for trips to the gym or a busy daily routine. The cooling sensation inspires an upbeat and energetic feeling that will keep you active.

Shield essential oil is a mix of clove, orange, thyme, ginger and cinnamon. Shield provides soothing and penetrating properties and also helps with the changing of the seasons. It’s also known for its cleansing and soothing properties for mouth and oral care

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